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Gen II vs. Edge

I have owned both. And the differences are pretty clear. The edge chassis is better all around. The seating position is more comfortable and the edge suspension handles big bumps better than the gen2. The gen2 gets the edge in flat cornering, but thats about it.
by xcsp600
March 14th, 2002, 3:54 am
Forum: SnowmobileNews Forum
Topic: Gen II vs. Edge
Replies: 7
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I wanna build a little rocket.

Not much you can do to make the 380 quicker. Ski-doo usually geared these pretty low to begin with. Raising the engagement would help, but am now sure that ski-doo supplies springs, weights etc to tune the bombadier lite clutch. I bought a mxz380 this year and my son and daughter love it. Easiest sl...
by xcsp600
March 10th, 2002, 11:02 am
Forum: SnowmobileNews Forum
Topic: I wanna build a little rocket.
Replies: 13
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