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rule changes for stock class for 07"

rule changes for stock class for 07"

Postby that 31 car » March 6th, 2006, 3:43 am

By the way 48, why don't you change your profile so we all know who we are talking too? Most guys on here either post their name in the profile, or have signed posts. (much like 69, insider,Fontaine, watcher, and others)
that 31 car
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rule changes for stock class for 07"

Postby AHF928 » March 6th, 2006, 4:17 am

Stock racing as we knew it is dead and will never be back until some manufacturer builds oval freindly sleds. Is there a market? To some extent yes. The market is more like that for Kart racing or even dirt tracks. Nobody will ever sell 1000 new oval sleds a year. Maybe making the "stock" build limit down to 150 or 200 would help. 500 build was for when there were 300 sleds per class in 50 race circuits.

People will buy what they can see at a dealer or trade show. They don't want to buy an $8,000 sled and add another $3000 to use it properly.

Could, or better yet, would the big 4 build 150 to 200 race ready sleds with the parts that are already being sold by Houle, Wahl and others on a spring order basis? I think they just might. But we need to entice them with a better build number.

How cool would it be to be able to click on "Build my sled" on the skidoo page and see "oval package" as a choice? They are missing the chance to sell a few hundred more units a year.

Just my humble but misguided opinion.
Ovals rule
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rule changes for stock class for 07"

Postby proton » March 6th, 2006, 7:28 am

"that 31 car"...your right, its very close to champ right now...however, its the front ends on the stockers that are a safety issue...maybe a stock sled with open front end is all that is needed until the manufacturers give us something we can race with and be safe.
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rule changes for stock class for 07"

Postby Xtreme22 » March 7th, 2006, 4:40 am

[quote="that 31 car"]Why not leave it as it is? Chances are it will stay as it is. But the original movement was to get stock, back to stock, not the stock engine only deal we have now. Buy a new sled and throw another 5k at it for skid, track and front end isn't the answer either, but it seems to be what most people want right now.
The original premis was to use a production based sled, not the sno cross buggy that the manufacturers produce, then the manufactures got involved and pushed to use the sno cross sled, since they couldn't sell all 500 to sx guys, thus the situation developed. Right now we are so far away from the original idea of three years ago, it's just a faint glimmer on the horizon.
Existing racers are saying leave it alone, so that's most likely what will happen. If it stays like it is stock racing will not grow from the outside with new guys, you will only grow the class from within, with guys who know how to build them. New racers will have to start elsewhere in the classes. Used to be you started in stock. Most racers and builders don't like pure stock since it's too hard to build a good one, it takes a long program, and lots of work. The last pure stock builders were F&F, Mark and Tim made the art into a science, but most other guys just want to sell a kit and be on to the next job. What we have now,is closer to a Champ than a stocker. If thats what is wanted, fine, but it ain't stock.[/quote]

LEAVE IT AS IS NOW!!!!!!!! Thats our thoughts on it. Honestly the classes are growing from the inside or outside wich ever they are still GROWING. Like 69 Ice Racer says why go backwards??? We ( My dad,brother, and I) pushed and pushed for the open suspenion rules years back and finally got it to be passed PURELY because of SAFETY. The sleds are starting to trickle down now to other racers and heck the #180 sled is racing a 04 440 Rev still. Jerry we were at the meeting 3 years ago and as far as to my knowledge the orignal idea was to make the stock sleds safe and the numbers grow we have accomplished that so what is faint glimmer in the horizon??? When this new Idea came up to go back to "stock" we were and still are against that idea but our thoughts and imput didnt seem to matter. Ya it is not "stock" but like i have asked before what "stock" racing is actually stock anymore???? Sorry to go off here but what is more important to make sleds "stock" because the class is called stock or to make them look stock which they do and be SAFE to race? Our vote is for the second part of that question.

Lets all stop worring so much about the little rules here and there its racing and its goin to cost money sorry but the stockers are starting to trickle down from pros to semi pro to sport and thats wonderful. So lets get all this techy stuff out of the way and worry about a more important issue out there lets set some rules on TRACK SAFETY!! few examples:

MANDATORY RULES for tracks with walls,post,fences,etc...
1- Minimum number of bails required
2- All corner workers have red flags & yellow flags
3- All corner workers have radios
4- Track spoter is on own channel with corner workers he/she makes the call for red flag as can the corner worker themself
5- If a sled is down on track and no red flag is needed yellow flags are held according to where sled is. If sled is on the high line yellow is held HI if it is on the inside its is held low.
6- Driver Safety commity (all forms of racing) group od drivers that make the call if they feel track is safe or not to race on and can choose not to race until the concerns are fixed

Just a few examples of what we (Xtreme Ice) are gonna push for this year at the ISR meeting. Like i said before sorry to go off, but to many people are getting hurt we need to do something to try and prevent it I know it is gonna happen after still but hopefully not as bad.

Nick Scheer
Xtreme Ice
Nick Scheer
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rule changes for stock class for 07"

Postby Racefan440 » March 7th, 2006, 1:14 pm

I agree with the 31 car, the current rules make it way to expensive to race in a stock class. The numbers are only going to keep falling. look at the racers that race a stocker now how many are independents?? I hope that the 31 car keeps coming with the good ideas,.
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rule changes for stock class for 07"

Postby LucasLee » March 7th, 2006, 2:30 pm

I have yet to find any stock class rider that wants to switch the rules. If they do switch the rules the number of entries is going to be a lot less than it is now, and it is going to be an accident waiting to happen. Back in the day when they ran true stock sleds the sleds they were running were not like the stock sleds today. Why change something that is working. This would hurt the sport.
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rule changes for stock class for 07"

Postby 1p48 » March 7th, 2006, 4:24 pm

well said extreme 22.your are exactly right.sleds are trickling down because i have dustin wahls 03". i also feel you are right on in the department of that stock classes will be hurt by this new rule change if is implied.all it really takes is some patients and to find the right deal and you can really go stock racing right now for about $4500 to $5500 (sled only). and there really is alot of quality equipment out there. to quote mike houle " it will be like driving a fast car backwards" and hes one of the premiere builders in this class so i thing his words have some weight to them.i dont know, i guess i just would not want to drive a new i.q around an oval at high speeds with stock suspension.doesnt that just sound goofy?????????
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rule changes for stock class for 07"

Postby ice_racer_440 » March 7th, 2006, 4:49 pm

I used to race stock and I wouldnt go back if they go back to all stock parts. The rev I once raced would be a hazzard with the stock front end. You could get by with the stock rear skid maybe. But not front. I would say leave it alone. Pricey ya but safer.
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rule changes for stock class for 07"

Postby Yamaha19 » March 8th, 2006, 11:05 am

I just purchased an 04 Stock 600 class sled all set up and plan on racing it in the Pro Stock and Stock class next year in the EPT. That will increase the numbers by 1 for next year at least. I wouldn't want to see the rules change either, I agree that it just wouldn't be safe.
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rule changes for stock class for 07"

Postby rfredri » March 8th, 2006, 12:40 pm

Some input after returning from BJ.

There were nine stockers Reg. for pro stock 500L and 600L,
Polaris and Ski Doo, It was some of the best racing all weekend,
many position changes, and you could have thrown a blanket over the group during the whole race,

It was a great show for the crowd, but a little nerve racking for a dad. All machines were altered stock to today's rules, but no spectator could ever tell what suspension was under what,

why reinvent the wheel?

New stock machines will always need a certain amount of mods done to it to make perform safely for whatever venue the race may be.

There are also MANY racers with machines available to new racers that may be interested in starting out, I'm going home right now to get one ready for a new JR driver this weekend, been sittin in cold storage for two seasons, , glad to get some one on it.

JOKO , has my vote too, for ROY, what an incredible driver, He was fast all weekend,

Good luck to every one in their year end,

Go John Deere, - Fredrickson Racing
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