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44th CPTC Results

44th CPTC Results

Postby forty four » March 5th, 2006, 9:08 pm

Congratulations to Jacques Villeneuve, the new CPTC Champion! Also to Howard Gifford, the first winner of the'Jerry Bunke Memorial Challenge'! Please check for all of the Sunday results.Thanks to everyone who attended the 44th CPTC races, a FANTASTIC weekend!!! The Board of Directors, CPTC.
forty four
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44th CPTC Results

Postby LinziFontaine » March 6th, 2006, 4:49 pm

THANKS to you guys and gals!!
another great race! just rolled in. and realized, the only thing better than racing with you guys is getting home!! THANKS to everyone involved!!!!! we had a blast.
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44th CPTC Results

Postby Fontaine Racing » March 6th, 2006, 5:45 pm

It was great!!
and the ambulance never moved!!! hats off to the crew and the racers.
Fontaine Racing
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