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Postby pauls650 » April 27th, 2008, 1:48 am

hey doug, can you call me somtime, we have talked about building a stocker for a few years,with paul nizniks help .we have been racing vintage and old sprinters at local stuff,, for years but it was cheaper years ago, i see the newer stuff as a cheaper way right now,funny how that has changed. i am not up on some of the things disscussed on here. 715-678-2991 shop,,paul socwell
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Postby Fontaine Racing » April 28th, 2008, 12:28 pm

I will try to contact you tonite. I am glad to hear the positive responses toward stock class racing! I have been talking with a few people, with mostly high hopes towards stock class racing. yes we have heard some negative ones also , but in a lot of cases we have to consider the source? we don't need just the "THAT AINT GONNA WORK ATTITUDE". but we do need to here the opinions. on what people think is good or bad.
since I have been talking about this with others I have gotten some points to consider. hope we can get you people looking at this post to please give us some POSITIVE input as to things we should be looking at, or consider.
the new models are not built to accommodate a sway bar would things like this have to be available from the mfg. in kit form. I know this is the way it worked in the past. and would the mfg's. be willing to do this.
Lets hear some of the other good and bad things that you may be Thinking.
Thank you
Fontaine Racing
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