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Postby #8BiggestFan » April 28th, 2011, 8:29 am

I LOVE oval racing! And the talk of the new Outlaw and the Factory 600 classes are very exciting. These classes will only bring more excitement to this coming up season!

But my reason for this post is to give the guys who race Champ the credit they are certainly not getting from a few people on this forum. This has nothing to do with new Outlaw class and Factory 600 AT ALL. Everyone knows that John and the guys out East are true advocates of Oval racing and are wholeheartedly focused on improving our sport for the good. This post is about the comments that have been posted by some people saying any negative comment they can think of about Champ.

This bringing down the Champ class is ridiculous. Right now Champ is one of the only classes keeping this sport around. And after this season of racing, I don't know how anyone can say watching a Champ race is boring.

With the TLR Cup and the Canadian Triple Crown, we were able to get a good number of Champ drivers to all these races. There had to be a range of 15-20 Champ sleds (for those who feel the need to rip apart every post on this forum I apologize if my numbers aren't 100% correct) at each of these races. Of course the turn outs later in the season was a little less do to quite a few injuries, but hey this is a great start.

Eagle River this year was really a year to be proud to make the Top 10 line up. God this year you were even lucky to make it into the back row. The competition that came out was so close, which led us to one of the most exciting races this season. Anyone out there able to say watching PJ and Gary battle it out this year, with PJ having a 5th Championship on the line, boring?

Even if there weren't people battling it out for 1st, there was still intense racing going on. How about Nick VanStrydonk? I believe this season there were a few races where he started at the back of the pack and made his way up to at least Top 5. In the majority of the cases I'm pretty sure he made Top 3. How many fans out there would find it boring to see someone in last place end up with a podium finish? That is some incredible racing in my eyes!

Speaking of incredible racing, these racers this year seemed to really respect their fellow drivers on the track with them. This year I actually felt comfortable watching my 17-year-old brother go 100MPH alongside the current Champ guys. I'm sure there are other family members and team mates of these teams that would agree. This year the drivers did their part in looking after one another out there.

By bringing down the Champ class, you are not just bringing down the class itself. You are bringing down the racers and their teams that work so hard for what they love to do. You are basically saying they should not be proud of what they have been able to accomplish. My little brother should be proud of his 1st Pro Champ win this year, especially when he has someone like Dave Wahl bow to him as he passes him with the checkered flag.

We need to support our racers and teams of the only 2 classes keeping this sport alive. Champ and F500 are all we have going for the sport until Outlaw and Factory 600 are introduced this coming up race season.

Give these racers the credit they most certainly deserve! Because realistically they are what is keeping Oval racing alive TODAY!

If all your going to do is bash every little thing I just said, I think you should just walk away from your computer now.

But if you LOVE oval racing and you still LOVE going to the races even if you are the only one in the stands...Post something POSITIVE and let these guys know that the majority of people out there still
LOVE Oval racing as it is TODAY and are excited for the FUTURE of the sport with these two new classes coming in!

No more negativity! Please! It's so sickening!

Sam MacDonald
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Postby Fontaine Racing » April 28th, 2011, 8:47 am

Fontaine Racing
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Postby SCM Tech » April 28th, 2011, 9:21 am

You're right, and in uniting all we will bring back our sport to the first place. I just tell you that, despite all appearances coming from this site. There are a lot of people either from East or Midwest, Canada or United States. That work together to make advanced the cause of the oval races. I raise my hat to all these people and I said thank you to them.

Claude Paiement
Eastern Pro Tour
Claude Paiement
Eastern Pro Tour
SCM Tech
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Postby #8BiggestFan » April 28th, 2011, 9:40 am

I have no idea how to edit my post. But just want to correct my little mistake. PJ was racing for his 4th Championship, not his 5th.
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Postby Flatout » April 28th, 2011, 10:14 am

Thank you Sam. You hit it right on. We have a new crop of very talented and very exciting to watch young drivers that would give anyone fronm any era a run for their money. Travis M Nick V Nick L PJ Dustin G Dustin W and several other young drivers would run with guys like Vessairs, Dave Wahl, Brad Hulings when they were young.
Champ is the F1 of ovals and the drivers are the best in the world. Each and every time you see a champ sled go by at full scream it projecs months of sweat from each and every member of the team as they all pull for the same goal. To win!
Again Thank you Sam. My money is on Travis this year to be WC!!
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Postby Petawawarace » April 28th, 2011, 10:17 am

Great Post, This year was an awesome year for Champ racing.....Lets not forget about the Canadian Triple Crown....I know alot of hard work went into that as well.
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Postby bub37 » April 28th, 2011, 3:45 pm

Well said Sam, your parents should be proud of you knowing that those years in univercity weren't a waste, you certanlly can bring on a wave of positivity with a few words.
Proud of you Honey...

Uncle Bub & Aunty Nor {Samatha's #1 fans}

PS. your camping spot is looking sweet, ice should be out next week.
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Postby Mr.Pipe » April 28th, 2011, 6:59 pm

Well said Sam.

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Postby diskvalve » April 29th, 2011, 3:20 am

Excellent post Sam ; you conveyed our thoughts perfectly.. Champ is a great class with the best drivers and crews in the world giving a first class show. It is exciting and fast and we love it .... mike
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Postby Polaris Pete » April 29th, 2011, 5:01 am

Great post and outlook. It's the racers passion that keeps the sport of oval racing going.
Polaris Pete
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