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Postby Flatout » October 8th, 2014, 6:09 pm

We are pleased to announce that the class structure for the 2015 CPT Race season will remain the same as last season. Pro Champ 440 will again be the premier class with the same purse structure and racing format as in the past. The Champ 440 class is the F-1 of snowmobile racing and only qualified Champ 440 sleds and drivers will be allowed to compete in this class. We are working on an added purse for Semi Pro Champ 440 as well. Sport Champ will be a trophy class only for those wishing to start out in Champ 440. We will be again offering Factory 600. We are hoping to get more sleds in the very competitive Factory 600 class. This class uses Champ style chassis with stock 600 motors. The factory 600 sleds are just about even lap times as the Champ 440 sleds. We will also again be offering a combo class.The Combo class is a specialty class that races champ 440 against Factory 600 sleds. The Champ 440 sleds corner better but the Factory 600 sleds accelerate harder so it is an interesting race to watch for sure! The purse for this class has not been finalized yet. We will also have Pro F-500 semi Pro F-500 and Sport F-500 the same as last year. The Outlaw class will also be offered. Currently we are looking for sponsors for the Factory 600 class and the Outlaw 600 class in order to offer a guaranteed purse. Any interested sponsors for these two classes should contact George Samson at 1-819-314-0060
Vintage sleds, junior 120 340 380 and ATV along with some bikes and even some open wheel cars will be also featured at many of the races.
For more information and any updates about CPT Racing go to

Howard Gifford
CPT Tech Inspector

Anyone interested in seeing race sleds up close should attend the Toronto international Snowmobile show at the Toronto International Center Oct 24. 35 26 or the Quebec City Snowmobile Show also Oct 24, 25 26 .
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