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future of ice oval racing

Re: future of ice oval racing

Postby ice_racer_69 » April 13th, 2017, 11:13 am

If you have ever been sprayed by snow/ice coming off a 10 in carbide you know where TJ gets the crazy ski brush idea. If you are on the outside of someone, leaning to go around the corner, your head is in the exact place where the spray shoots. They won't do much for the fine dust that hangs in the air on the really cold days, but I bet they would help with the direct ski spray.

You wanna know why no body "tried" them??? Why on earth would I want to put something on MY machine to give my competitors the advantage of better visibility?? Gonna have to be an all or nothing deal.

Some big swingers chatting on here, nothing but respect for all of you.

I do like the idea of the competition committee. Having sat in on many rules meetings, i have seen first hand the flaws that exist with the current process. Great ideas get lost, stupid ideas get implemented.

I would like to see some more data on the blue ice to see if/when it helps i.e. day/night/overcast/warm/cold/etc- It definitely looks cool, just need it to be functional to justify the cost, which will inevitably fall on the racer.
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Re: future of ice oval racing

Postby Crager » April 13th, 2017, 8:44 pm

The blue ice is easy to make it is just pond dye the only draw back I see is on a warm sunny day it is going to attract the sun and accelerate the melting of the ice if you have a thick base no problem but if not dirt will come fast .
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Re: future of ice oval racing

Postby FmrCrew » April 14th, 2017, 5:52 am

Ever look at old sno pro pictures at ER... saw dust!!! It can make a mess of the sled, but there was no snow dust back when they used saw dust....I am guessing that stuff is pretty cheap too...Maybe color the saw dust so it is not brown as well..

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Re: future of ice oval racing

Postby WAVEY DOG #26 OSRF » April 14th, 2017, 6:09 am

When Eagle River put the saw dust in the ice it was filled with dirt and stones. If saw dust was used it would have to be new every year and be free of dirt and stones. I couldn't change carbides and studs fast enough between rounds to have my studs like I liked them. Not to mention the amount of laps you run at Eagle River it was hard to have good carbide for the whole race.
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Re: future of ice oval racing

Postby 1987wc » April 14th, 2017, 10:58 am

Cool story how the track was sawdust for awhile. One year it was a very mild leading up to the races and the lion club wasn't able to build enough ice. There guys that built the track back then were the best in the business. Knowing they couldn't race on snow any more they came up with the idea to truck in saw dust grade it out and soak it with water. Thus became our frozen saw dust track. They learned a couple of things that first year. After the expense of bringing in the saw dust the time to build the track was cut by 75%. The track stayed much smoother and there was literally no snow dust. They really didn't care that it was hard on the studs and carbides. In 1985 when we took over we graded all of the saw dust off and had it trucked out. ( because of teams complaining of how hard it was on there studs and carbides ) and went back to a pure ice track. I personally didn't mind the saw dust track at all. Might be an option if were looking to get rid of the dust.
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