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96 or 144 Studs on REV?

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96 or 144 Studs on REV?

Postby Spartan » October 22nd, 2002, 11:12 pm

I see a lot of posts indicating "96 studs down the middle." Any advantages to doing this? I studded my MXZ 700 with 144 studs, worked well. My new REV 600, I am tyring to decide what to use. Obviously 96 studs is more economical than 144, but are there any other reasons to do this? I have the 1.25 inch track, I was thinking 144 studs, 1.325 inch. What is everyone else doing? I talked to my dealer yesterday, and they indicated they should be receiving the special tunnel protectors for the REV this week. Has anyone else recieved theirs yet?

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