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2002 MX-Z 500 or 2002 Cat ZR500

PostPosted: October 25th, 2002, 3:30 pm
by Irolledit
Guys I am new to the forum. I have not really been in the sport as of late and I am shopping for a machine. I have an old basic (93) Cougar Cat. The last Ski-Doo I owned was a 89 Formula tank. How does the MX-Z compare in power to the ZR500? I know the Cat is rated at 97HP. I have no idea what the MX has. Also, which machine will ride plusher?

I kind of like the look of the MX-Z and know where I can pick up a new 2002 for $4900. Is that a good buy? Should I invest in a 2003 MX? I am not discounting the Arctic Cat ZR500. I just want the best power and handling/plush ride for my dollar as I will probably have it 8 or more years. Thanks for the comments!!!!!!

2002 MX-Z 500 or 2002 Cat ZR500

PostPosted: October 25th, 2002, 4:36 pm
by polarisrules81

My opinion would be to go with the ZR500. I know those 500 Arctic engines are really fast. Between the Arctic Cat and Polaris 500's they have the field covered in the power department. As far as ride quality goes. I know the Cat has one of the best front suspensions in the business. I am not saying the Skidoo is a bad ride. But I think they have pretty equal ride. Front suspension I would have to say Cat has the edge in that department. Now gas milage. Someone I know has a ZL500. It is the 500 engine without exhause valves. That engine gets terrible gas milage. But on the flipside it makes a lot of power. But the gas milage on that sled is just terrible compared to my dad's Polaris 500 XC SP. Now the 2002 Arctic Cat ZR500 has exhaust valves which are supposed to make a big difference in gas milage so it wouldnt be as much of a concern.

So my final opinion would be to go with the Arctic Cat. In the power department it would eat the Ski-Doo alive. In the suspension department I think they are fairly equal but Arctic Cat's front suspension is better. Gas milage with the new 500 exhaust valve engine with the Arctic Cat should be pretty good. These are just the facts that I know and hopefully they help you out. But ultimately it is your decision.

Have A Good Day.

2002 MX-Z 500 or 2002 Cat ZR500

PostPosted: October 25th, 2002, 10:00 pm
I have to agree with polarisrules81.
You didn't mention the price of the ZR500. Is it also a new leftover?

2002 MX-Z 500 or 2002 Cat ZR500

PostPosted: October 26th, 2002, 2:16 am
by FreezurBurnt
If you want a sled that will last at least 8 yrs go for the [b]Skidoo MXZ 500[/b],also if you are looking for a more plusher ride try the [b]MXZ 500 Trail [/b]or[b] Legend 500[/b]

The 98 MXZ 500 had 94.5hp(ams dyno)so you got believe the newer ones should be the same or slightly better:)

If you want a plusher ride in a Cat go for the [b]2002 ZL 500[/b] ,its not set up as hard as the ZR.But you get the same engine and basic sled.

Yes the Cat has slightly more power but both will do 95mph

If you want to race on the lake get the ZR but if thats not your cup of tea the MXZ 500 will do fine

The valves on the skidoo are less maintenance too,and Skidoos tend to be in better shape after 5yrs of riding.

If you like Cat get the Cat

If you like Doo get the Doo

Either sled would be good

Another sled to look at is the [b]XC 500 [/b]non valve,its in a solid chassis and has around 92-95 hp.

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2002 MX-Z 500 or 2002 Cat ZR500

PostPosted: October 26th, 2002, 3:31 am
by Irolledit
R Cat to answer your question I think I could do pretty good on the price for a 2002 ZR500 on a new leftover. The rest of you guys thanks for the input.

If I did go w/ a ZR500 I only put about 400 miles on a year. I would hope it would last 8-10 years. I just do not want something where the motor is going to fry. How much stiffer is A ZR over a ZL? I weigh about 163lbs and am not a real aggressive rider just once in awhile. I just do not want to ride a board. I am not familiar with long travel as I have a 93 Cougar. Maybe the ZR would be just fine. What do you think?

2002 MX-Z 500 or 2002 Cat ZR500

PostPosted: October 26th, 2002, 10:29 pm
The '98-'99 ZR's had a slightly stiffer ride than the newer ones, but if you really want a plush ride, consider a ZL. It will be softer than the ZR and if you don't ride agressivly, should be fine for you.
Also- if you can find a ZL with the Smart Ride Suspension, that might be even better. It's not quite as stiff as a ZR in the bigs whoops, but it's even smoother in the stutter bumps (and they're cheaper that a ZR too)! The only problem is last years colors/graphics were UGLY (IMHO)! That's one reason I went with my ZR800 EFI CCE. I was on the fence big time after test riding a ZL600 SS at the Snodeo. I was very impressed with it! Of course, they didn't make a ZL500 SS, so...
But as Freeze what you like! I doubt you'll be disappointed either way!

2002 MX-Z 500 or 2002 Cat ZR500

PostPosted: October 27th, 2002, 4:00 pm
by andw1
The HP is about the same, the cat outwieghs the doo by about 20 lbs.
I checked it out and the HP is exactly the same, both make 97 HP, if you look around you can find a 03 MXZ 5 for $5300, the tunnel is much stronger on the 03, it has the ZX-X chassis.

If I were yo I'd still test ride both, and form your own opinion, that's what I did.

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2002 MX-Z 500 or 2002 Cat ZR500

PostPosted: October 28th, 2002, 2:53 am
by Shelbyboy48317
I think that you should problably go with the Cat. Cat has a better front suspension and the power of the ZR is suppose to be awsome. I would say out of all your possiblitys the ZR will treat you real good. I ride Polaris and think that the XC is nice but again lacks in the front suspension. I rode a 2001 MXZ500 in the U.P. for about 30 miles and it felt underpowered to me. I only ride a 600 and could tell the deference. Then there is Yamaha, oh wait they don't offer anything in the 500 catagory!

2002 MX-Z 500 or 2002 Cat ZR500

PostPosted: October 28th, 2002, 3:39 am
by snirt
if you are willing to spend $4,800 on a sled, you could spend about a thousand more and get yourself a brand new f5. that thing should be a ripper with about 103hp, and lighter than the zr500 or mxz500. and you will have the latest and greatest sled on the trail. resale will be better also in the new design, because it won't look so dated when you sell it.
that's my $.02

2002 MX-Z 500 or 2002 Cat ZR500

PostPosted: October 28th, 2002, 3:55 am
by Pantera
If you want a smoother ride, I would definately go with the ZL over the ZR. I weigh about 160 pounds and have a 2000 ZR600 2K and unless you are ditch banging it is a stiff ride, but I like it. I also own a 2002 Pantera 600, which should be just about the same set up on the front end as a ZL and man is it plush!! I put more miles on it than I did my ZR last year. (700 on the Pantera and only about 400 on the ZR) We are also looking for a ZL for my wife with suspension being one of the main factors. She has the 2002 Powder Special 600 2K which is just as stiff as my ZR plus she wants ESR (electric start and reverse). Anyway the choice is up to you, just wanted to share that with ya.