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RX 1 ER impressions

PostPosted: December 23rd, 2002, 10:09 am
by Vetteman
Had this sled out twice for a total of 350kms. Here are my impressions:great engine with beautiful sounds and mucho power and torque. comfortable to ride but heavy and it takes a lot of effort to ride in the trails. suspension takes about 250kms to start to loosen up so do not play with it until it does. track needs adusting after first ride. great fuel economy. is no ditch banger but I can easily keep up to my buddies 800 Legend in the trails. I would love to have a four stroke that handles like a Rev 800 and is that light but that is not reality. I wanted the reliabilty, sound, power and economy of a four stroke. the downside is weight. this sled is exactly what I expected and what the dealer said it would be. everything is a compromise and I am happy as this is what I expected. the fit and finish is exceptional and I have had no problems and do not expect any. the Japanese make great bikes and their sleds are great too. the rider skill makes more difference then the sled. a good rider adapts to the machine and learns how to ride it quickly and safely. this is what you have to do with this machine. good riding