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Would I Cruise Again?

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Would I Cruise Again?

Postby IndyRed » January 18th, 2003, 12:50 pm

You bet I would!
Tug Hill Cruisin 03. I thought now this could be an Adventure. Fellow cruisers were complete strangers to me. I lurked around this message board saw the posts on the ride and thought, why not? Worse case scenario I get a free T-shirt and some meals for my money. I figured I would also get to ride parts of Tug Hill that I hadn't before. Well TS promised "Cluck for Ur Buck" I think that was how he put it and he certainly delivered on all counts. Fellow cruisers were great, the riding incredible (even if I couldn't go f***ing 70mph all day)! Meals terrific, it was just awesome. Thank you TS, and I look forward to Tug Hill Cruisin 04. Skeptics - just DO it!
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