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Anyone go to Novi last year and recall...

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Anyone go to Novi last year and recall...

Postby fg4432 » October 22nd, 2003, 3:41 am

I thought Hastings was more of a Grass Drags with a Swap Meet. I haven't ever been able to go though. Novi is only dealers. But 5 football fields of product just makes my mouth water.

I can recommend calling two different places to find out if they are going to be there this year and if they would be bringing extra trailers. I don't know if they would give out prices for the show over the phone. These two dealers were there last year.

Follow the link:

Kelley and Trailite is who I am talking about.

They made some donations to the Snowmobile Club I am in. Really nice people. And I ended up buying through a dealer when I first bought my own equip. back in 1999 which ended up being a Triton Trailer from Trailite Sales. I paid $845 back then but that didn't have an enclosure. I will most likely go back to them when I get the enclosure.

As far as lights on the cover, you might find someone at the show willing to throw that in as a bonus for you to buy from them. I would suggest talking to them once in the morning, once in the middle of the day and once just before you go home. Express your interest and definately work them.

Light kits can't cost that much if you really find a place that has rock bottom pricing and you have to buy the kit separate.

I would also see if Saf-T-Tec is going to show up again this year, they have some reflective stickers cheaper than you would find at the stores for your trailer. We all know what it is like to follow a trailer with snow on the back.

The Snowmobile Club I am in has a booth there in the Northeast corner. You can buy your trail permit early so you don't have to find a place up north that just ran out of them before you get there kind of thing.

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