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2001 MXZ Chassis Adjusting

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2001 MXZ Chassis Adjusting

Postby Wishka70 » November 7th, 2003, 12:07 pm

How can I adjust the suspension to provide a better ride on a rough trail, often the sled would bottom out and feel soft rather than firm. Is there a method for setup then adjust as needed for trail conditions?
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2001 MXZ Chassis Adjusting

Postby The Borg » November 7th, 2003, 2:25 pm

I'm going from memory now, as it's been 2 years without ski doo's, but if it's an SC10 2,3 whatever, there should be the 4 position plastic cam that adjusts spring tension, a rod linkage with the rear shock that has two positions (faster progression), and a coil over shock in the front, with limiter straps. You should have maybe 2 or 3 inches sag when sitting on the sled..set with spring tension. There is also a coupling block that has two positions, if it couples sooner, the susp. will firm up sooner. Best thing is read the manual as they cover susp adjustments pretty well. You may need to go to heavier springs in the rear if it sags too much under your weight on the highest setting..but set everything to the max stiff, and see how it feels (including the front coil over). Then soften as needed, because if it's too soft at maximum, you'll have to start replacing things.
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The Borg
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2001 MXZ Chassis Adjusting

Postby Rozzibandit » November 9th, 2003, 12:21 pm

Hey wishka i have a 01 MXZ 600 there is also an adjustment for a firm or soft setting which is adjusted by loosening the 1bolt and nyloc nut and sliding the bar through the half circle to the upper position for a more firm setting. You will most likely need another guy to depress your suspension as you move the bolt to the upper position. There is also a diagram on your drive belt cover explaining this. At least there is on my sled.
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