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Problems with my 98 Sno Pro

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Problems with my 98 Sno Pro

Postby rabeb25 » January 26th, 2005, 4:22 am

This season my Sno pro has been giving me some problems and I am trying to figure out why it is doing this. Everytime I go out sometime during the ride the left exhaust valve breaks on the secondary side. The pin that holds them togther just sheers off the top of the valve. Luckily when it sheers it off, it gets stuck in the guide and doesn't fall. I have replaced it 3 times not and I can not figure why it is that valve, that side, exactly the same everytime.
The only thing I can come up with is the valve that is breaking is getting stuck, and the other valve opening on the otherside rips the top off of the sticking one. I have a hard time thinking the exhaust has enough pressure to do that. Is there anything I should be looking for? what do you think the problem could be?
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