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Internet Sled Buying-my experience!

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Internet Sled Buying-my experience!

Postby xcsp » April 15th, 2005, 2:45 pm

Just a note to mention to anyone considering buying a sled from anyone selling a sled over the internet-ask alot of questions and get GOOD, DETAILED pics of the vehicle, and many of them.

I saw a sled on that sounded just like what I was looking for. After contacting the seller and asking all the questions that I could think of, and asking more than once that the condition of the sled was as advertised and they assured me it was as the machine only had 700 miles on it and they bought it new, I made the party an offer in which they accepted.

We had to arrange delivery as we were about 7-8 hours away. It was agreed to meet at a location which required me to drive 5 hours (one way)which I figured that if the sled was what it was described as, I would do it.

Well, what a disappointment when the guy pulls up with this sled!

A sled with a supposedly 700 miles on the clock in no way should look like this one did-several track lugs tore, leaking oil tank sending unit, track idler wheels with gouges in the rubber, hood retaining cable was broke, and it looked like it must have been run through a hay field prior to harvesting as the engine compartment had hay in the lower area-they didn't even take time to clean this out!

Needless to say I told the guy NO WAY was I going to buy the sled due to the shape it was in and headed for home. What a waste of a day, and $70 in fuel.

Lesson learned, hope anyone reading this may benefit and not have to go through the waste or time and money that I did.
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Internet Sled Buying-my experience!

Postby FreezurBurnt » April 15th, 2005, 4:18 pm

That is what I would be scared of

I had a guy contact me that lived 8 hrs away that wanted to buy my sled

We PMed each other a few times

But I told him 8hrs away is a hell of a drive to see a sled and if you do not like it,you would just of wasted gas

I told him if he lived less then 2 hrs away it would be worth for him to check out my sled,and he did not like it or we could not reach a financial agreement,then he would have not wateed that much $$$ in gas

Besides All my rides and little problems I had with my sled are posted all over the net so I have no reason to lie about the condition or mileage

My biggest problem on selling my sled is it has 17,100km :E it still has 140psi mag/pto I even posted the pics of the compression test I took and there are tons of pics of my sled on the net anyway

Many people including dealers told me to change the odometer but I am not that type of person and also my mileage is posted all over the net anyway

The sled runs good,is in overall good condition but not mint it does have 17,000kms

Too bad xc sp you had that unfortunate encounter,but I would say try to stick to no more then 2hrs worth of driving to see a sled :W

Just my opinion :)
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Internet Sled Buying-my experience!

Postby xcsp » April 16th, 2005, 12:16 am

You are correct Freezurburnt, I will not be driving that distance again to look at a sled!!

I can't understand why a person would describe the condition as this guy did, especially when we both had a good distance to drive!

Definately proves the the fact that you cannot rely on the mileage of the vehicle, but the physical condition.
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