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"Cheap Snowmobile Insurance?"

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"Cheap Snowmobile Insurance?"

Postby xcsp » January 12th, 2007, 1:17 pm


Any reason why the switch from Erie to Grange? Heard Erie had good rates, curious about service. I've went through a few different Ins. Co.'s, but luckily haven't tested the service of them.

When I checked with Am Fam on my sled ins., they weren't cheap, but give me a good rate on my cycles!

Through my employer we are eligible for a GM discount including GMAC Ins. so I recently checked out a rate on my truck and my '06 Yamaha Apex-cost more to insure the sled than the late-model truck!!! No way would I pay $600+ for sled insurance(one sled)(They go through Prog.)
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"Cheap Snowmobile Insurance?"

Postby cosmic muffin » January 19th, 2007, 10:28 am

G.M.A.C. has great auto and home ins.prices! However they outsource to I believe progressive for sleds (way Hi). Ive done some shopping, found "Allied" best so far. 2001 800cc $142.00 full coverage.Earlier "posts" refer to whos best., there all crooks, go down south and talk to Katrinia victims! I'll save my money upfront and argue later if I ride stupid! C/M
cosmic muffin
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"Cheap Snowmobile Insurance?"

Postby quickcarl » January 24th, 2007, 11:37 pm

(Cheap Insurance) Are you kidding me! It's a conspiracy the government says you have to have it but doesn't regulate it = conspiracy to me. I'd say the term Cheap insurance is what you call an oxy moron. We used to get full coverage for about 75 bucks a year in the mid 80's mow it is just out of line. This is what will correct the snowmobile market along with 12000.00 sleds. I don't know what the hell you need 160hp in a production trail performance sled most people never go more than about 80 mph for more that a few seconds at a time and a 600 will kill you just as fast. Sorry Insurance it one of those things that just gets me going tow truck drivers are real close, just modern snake oil sales men to me. Now to look at from the other side. So you buy that 12000.00 sled you put down a few thousand bucks now you are making some where around 300 a month payments add the insurance now you get a snow year like this one so you actually get to ride some where in the neighbor hood of 1000 miles if you are lucky, do the math how much are you paying per mile? Yea Think about it you could rent a sled every year and kept allot of cash and ride a new sled each year for that 1000 miles. I saw a post yesterday with a rumor about Polaris getting out of the snowmobile business what do these guys expect who the hell can afford to pay 10 to 12 thousand for a sled these days and all the different models weh don't get me started. I hate to say it but Ski Doo is the only one who have figured it out. I don't know what happened to Polaris remember the early eighty's "The Indy" they were the same sled whether you had a 440 all the way to the 650 it was the same sled parts were interchangeable and cheap. KISS keep it simple stupid! So now we have the REV same sled all the way through just like the Indy, only thing is Ski Doo parts have never been cheap and never will. Like they say study history so you don't repeat it. In the early seventy's there they went remember the 800 King Cats Ski Doo 760 somethings the race was on. By the late seventy's a 440 was a big machine. 1200.00 is allot of money just so you can say to a good friend I beat you! "Ther I go jumpin on the old soap box."
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