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Going to yellowstone: ne thing i should know?

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Going to yellowstone: ne thing i should know?

Postby 250exdude » December 8th, 2001, 1:36 pm

IN febuary to go to yellowstone. I am looking to ride powder and do huge jumps catch big air. Ne thing i should know like tehcniques in the air or techniques 4 going up hill?
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Going to yellowstone: ne thing i should know?

Postby Burky » December 8th, 2001, 9:53 pm

Go over to and ask there. That's where the mountain people hang out and they have lots of good info on doing those sort of things. Good people, little bit HP crazy. very tolerant of us flatlanders.
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Going to yellowstone: ne thing i should know?

Postby wysnowdog » December 9th, 2001, 2:56 am

There Is not much open rideing in yellowstone your best bet to ride will be in the togatee area
witch is about 20 miles from yellowstone as for the ride big sled big track lots and lots of H.P Its steep and deep so dont let your thumb off the gas and learn how turn FAST diging your sled out a 60 deg angle aint much fun there is about 4 to 6 feet of fresh powder up there right now

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Going to yellowstone: ne thing i should know?

Postby Exjake » December 9th, 2001, 5:58 am

Went to Togatee a few years ago, it was a blast playing in huge snow bowls,deep powder, you will get stuck in. You will have a great time with no regrets.
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Going to yellowstone: ne thing i should know?

Postby BLADEGUY » December 11th, 2001, 12:13 am

A few things I learned in Utah and Colorado about mountain poweder riding.

1) keep your speed in powder unless you are on a hill pointed down.

2) Never leave the trail into powder downhill. Always go uphill. That way if you get stuck, you can always get back to the trail.

3) If you are trying to get uphill and you are losing momentum, turn back down before you stop and get trenched in. Keep your speed and try again.

4) If you do get stuck, get a couple of guys and lift and point the sled downhill before you try to move. You'll probably just dig yourself in worse otherwise.

5) If you have a friend stuck in a difficult spot (for example, flat at the bottom of a ravine) come by as close as you can, keep your speed, and circle around a couple of times on the same track. This will pack down a way out. After you make the trail, stop on the trail behind the stuck sled, and push, or lift onto the trail. Or, pull in front of it and use tow strap, depending on the sitiuation. You want to make sure that your sled is parked in way that it is going to get out. No use having two stuck sleds.

6) Be sure to know your way back to the trail when playing in the powder. The mountains are vast. If it is snowing, your tracks could get covered up.

7) Conditions can change quickly. Be prepared for bad weather. If you get stuck, and the weather changes, it could be a bad thing. Most likely, your cell phone will not work. You could be on your own. Take this seriously.

8) I recommend using a guide. They know where the safe, fun stuff is, and they know how to get out of sticky situations.

9) When in deep powder, you need to lean like you've never leaned before. To really turn, I think of myself as trying to pile drive my helmet into the snow. That is why you see powder riders with both feet on one side of the snowmobile to turn it.

10) Your going to get stuck. It can be a little frustrating. But the joy of powder riding is worth it!

11) Bring water. Keeping hydrated helps prevent hypothermia, and when you get stuck you will be working hard.

12) Ask about avalanche areas. Be sure to avoid them.

13) Have fun!

As far as big air - just make sure you have a soft landing spot! Work your way up to it.
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