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Problems taking off part 2

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Problems taking off part 2

Postby FueliesRock » December 30th, 2001, 4:25 pm

I thank all you guys that helped me out a couple of days ago, and I kind of figured out a few things since then, about my 2000 ZL 500 efi and its no low end power. First, there is 313 miles to be exact on a new set of weights and bushings and belt. I put my old belt back on and it helped, but it didn't totally cure the problem, I am guessing my new belt got streched some how. Second I took apart my clutch, and one of the weight buchings was wore all the way to the point of replace ment, it was rubbing on the steel part of the weight, (the bushing was pretty much gone) but only one weight was like the, the other two were perfect. Has anyone seen this before and could help me as to what would cause one weight to go bad.
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Problems taking off part 2

Postby azracing » December 31st, 2001, 1:24 pm

Try taking out a shim in the secondary, so your belt will ride higher in the groove. (Reads better hole shot!) Belt should be in good shape also, old worn belts are only good for one thing. The local refuse service.
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