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mini -z , xc -120, & z -120

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mini -z , xc -120, & z -120

Postby It sleeps in the back yard » February 13th, 2002, 3:00 pm

I was just wondering if anyone tricked these little guys out what would be like? I know the little gaffers race them. But how fast do they go, can they go around the corners ( on rails )and how do they take the bumps. just wondering !!
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It sleeps in the back yard
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mini -z , xc -120, & z -120

Postby PolarisIndy » February 14th, 2002, 4:26 am

I've got an XC 120 for the kids. Stock goes around 8 mph. With some mods like clutching, gearing, and adding wheels to the track you can jump it up quite a bit. Then there are the motor mods. Suspension mods etc.

Ours is stock with the governor removed. With the kids on it it corners well. With me on it it is a little top heavy ;)
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mini -z , xc -120, & z -120

Postby Ropepuller » February 14th, 2002, 12:36 pm

March 2nd....KCPRO-EAST is racing in Fort Francis, you can see for yourself. I've seen mod (champ)120's do 48 mph and corner at about 42.
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