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Changing the Bellows in my Rave Valve

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Changing the Bellows in my Rave Valve

Postby Maniac » February 23rd, 2002, 7:54 am

Got black junk dripping on my center cylinder pipe header and the red screw is turning black. Sounds like my first hole in the bellows if I'm not mistaken.
What I want to know is, can I just take the spring off of the bellows, screw it off and just screw another one on without having to ruin my new gaskets that I put on about a month ago?
And if I turn the red caps in all of the way, will that still allow my exhaust port to open as wide as it can when I am W.F.O?
I figure if they were in all of the way, that would allow smaller exhaust port at slow speed which equals max power and then they could just open up as I honk on her, right?

Thanks to anyone that can help.
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Changing the Bellows in my Rave Valve

Postby It sleeps in the back yard » February 24th, 2002, 5:59 am

oooooooohhh..... If I remember right you can change to bellows with out any teardown. but I dont konw about adjustments. hope it helps.
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Changing the Bellows in my Rave Valve

Postby thekrust » February 25th, 2002, 7:37 pm

Cranked in all the way is the right answer. The springs are just small, the valves will open all the way. You can change the bellows without removing the valve.
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