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Chain breaks with less than 900 miles.

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Chain breaks with less than 900 miles.

Postby IndyRed » March 4th, 2002, 3:32 am

My 2000 limited build XCSP 600(less than 900 miles, stock, no studs) puked a chain twenty miles from nowhere in Mont Tremblant Park, Quebec.
1st day of our trip, 1st time in Canada.
I had heard the noise before and thought it was ice in the tunnel, when it became more frequent I knew it was something eles. The head of the bolt in the shaft sheared off and was knocking around in the chaincase, eventually breaking the chain. Not happy, good ending, gears ok, fixed sled the next day and continued with our trip. (very nice Canadian dealer who fixed my sled said this never happens?) So what is up with that? Any ideas? My husband says I should have bought a skidoo.
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Chain breaks with less than 900 miles.

Postby KneeDeepInSnow » March 4th, 2002, 9:23 am

your husband is right.........

.....................nothing you could do ....prolly just mistake in assembly
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