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rambling manifesto - studding

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rambling manifesto - studding

Postby snirt » October 21st, 2002, 7:14 am

ok. i've previously bashed arctic cat for pumping the "50 pounds lighter than last years zr" campaign relentlessly, then they throw the rest of the parts on it that it will need to withstand consumer abuse and that 50lbs turned into 20 lbs. seems like they didn't have it finished when they announced it. that is b.s. and the snow-check crowd deserve better from their manufacturer.

that being said, it's bombardier's turn. who is it in valcourt that thinks people don't stud their sleds? when i bought my 99 mxz600 i took it home, studded it, and found out that i needed a front heat exchanger protector bracket, and i had to cut some studs, because the tunnel protector was no longer inline with the track windows. and i had to drill holes in the tunnel and move a set of upper bogey wheels. it was the middle of january before the kit was available. WTF?! earlier this month i picked up my new rev x 600, and this time
i'm going to wait until a kit is available before i stud it. my dealer is telling me that it will probably be january again. they are still
developing the kit. i reiterate, WTF?! in my estimation at least half of the sleds in michigan are studded. how can bombardier design, test,
and build a sled without considering this? i am an automotive designer, and in the auto industry, we have to allow for any forseeable thing a consumer will do to it. things like tire-chains that maybe .5% of the cars will ever see must be given design condideration. you always design for the worst-case scenario. not only are studs the worst-case scenario, they are a forgone conclusion on a large percentage of the sleds that hit the trail. when my buddy studded his zr600 he didn't
have to do anything else. now i don't mind having to put a protector kit on the sled, but it should be ready from the get-go. if it's not that tells me they didn't think of it until the last minute.... again.

that's my $.02, what's yours?
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rambling manifesto - studding

Postby maxiracer » October 21st, 2002, 7:27 am

Just my observation here, I'd like to say it's because of taller profile tracks, but Doo has been doing this since the the late 80's. Never enough clearence, first thing is add a higher tunnel protector, of course to do that you have to cut the slots at the back of the tunnel bigger to fit the new protectors in. Why can't they get it right after all these years. I put up with it, cause I always felt the sleds were as good as or better than what I had to run against. Maybe if the engineer who designs it had to stud them, we see a change. My .02....
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rambling manifesto - studding

Postby CATMANDREW » October 21st, 2002, 7:34 am

Totaly agree with you that every sled should be designed to work with studs from the factory or have the protector kits available when the sleds are. LMAO @ tire chain clearance, my presonal favorite build critera, anybody that gets a car to full lock and full jounce with tire chains on has alot more to worry about than what the chains are going to do to their fender._________DREW

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rambling manifesto - studding

Postby Low Blue » October 21st, 2002, 8:46 am

snirt if you're in the buisness you should know better than assume the engineers gave any fore thought to anything except color and sticker packages. They leave all the technical wiz-bang to the tool designers to iron out. (jeeze, I hope your not an "Engineer")

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rambling manifesto - studding

Postby XC-Rider » October 21st, 2002, 9:25 am

I agree with you snirt, it's hard to believe they'd not take that into consideration. What a bummer for all you who bought them and like studs. Hopefully the kit will be available soon. (and work)
I seriously considered getting a rev but decided not to in case they had any bugs to work out of them.. I guess that was a good decision.
The nice thing about all the pols I've had is that you don't need to do anything to stud them, at least not with the edge chassis. Just drill the holes and install the studs.

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