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Wow I am about to trash Yamaha

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Wow I am about to trash Yamaha

Postby FreezurBurnt » October 12th, 2003, 5:12 am

WHY THE HELL ARE YAMAHA sponsoring [red]THE INDOOR SUPER SNOX series[/red]

Am I missing something:R

You gave up on SnoX last year yet you feel you can sponsor a SnoX series

Talk about a slap in the face to the Yamaha racers(the few you had) they let go last year:M

Yes Skunk I guess racing matters to them yet they don't have a sled to compete with.

Yamaha head office is ***** in the head:M

I guess the Yamaha Marketing department must not have heard that Yamaha's head office don't give a rats AZZ what they are giving to their customers:R:M

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Wow I am about to trash Yamaha

Postby zert » October 12th, 2003, 6:14 am

You tell 'em Freeze.
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Wow I am about to trash Yamaha

Postby Spy-Guy 74 » October 12th, 2003, 7:05 am

The indoor races draw alot of fans out to each race. You can count on Yamaha to be at each race with the big blue tractor trailer outfit with all their new sleds. They will get alot of exposure at each race and it will cost them less than putting a race team on the track. Lots of people in racing say Yamaha will soon have a sno cross sled that can compete in 440 class, what I'm hearing is next race season.
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Wow I am about to trash Yamaha

Postby 2k2mxz6 » October 12th, 2003, 12:35 pm

Relax Freez,I think Yamaha has a freestyle team.Right?It is not exactly a snow-X team,but one step at a time.
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Wow I am about to trash Yamaha

Postby Blue leader (temp) » October 12th, 2003, 1:02 pm

It`s probally so they can parade the warrior around.
Nice hooters :B
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Wow I am about to trash Yamaha

Postby The Borg » October 12th, 2003, 1:25 pm

Freeze..for exactly the reason why you just made the admen happy. Name recognition, for good or bad..the name Yammy will get tossed around and will be in the back of people's minds, even if they never race.
Most people aren't as bbl as most are on these forums...just look around..and listen..some care if thier brand wins..others just like the show...were all the thousands of fans (for years) in the stands at Eagle River all ski doo twin tracker buyers? Or even ski doo fans? It's the show. Trail riding is a different animal.
The boys on the track here today have a brand new rev 800. And they aint happy, cause it aint too fast. At least not yet.
But it's a great trail sled, no?
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The Borg
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Wow I am about to trash Yamaha

Postby Snotcicles » October 12th, 2003, 1:33 pm

Spy guy, "big blue tractor trailor"? A cube van should cover Yamahas' vast line up don't you think?
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Wow I am about to trash Yamaha

Postby willpower » October 13th, 2003, 4:41 am

Yea its gonna be a tripple 4 stroke. Will run in the 120cc class
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Wow I am about to trash Yamaha

Postby yomamaha » October 13th, 2003, 7:12 am

i thought tractor trailer was in reference to the RX-1, my baaaad.
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Wow I am about to trash Yamaha

Postby Mainecat » October 13th, 2003, 10:57 am

when you ain't racin you gotta pay someone to hang the banners.
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