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Some pics from my ride to Canada yesterday

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Some pics from my ride to Canada yesterday

Postby Polaris500 » February 20th, 2004, 1:30 pm

Hey Zert we rode from Brimley to Drummond Island 2 years ago but didn't go to Canada. How far is it from the Island to Canada anyways and what kind of condition is the ice bridge , we are thinking of doing that next year
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Some pics from my ride to Canada yesterday

Postby zert » February 20th, 2004, 4:22 pm

Well I will try to answer all your questions here. It is about 11 miles across to Canada and the ice trail is in good shape. Canada's trails are just plain awesome most years. As for a race with the Mach Z and Rx1, I posted the results earlier this year but here is how they stack up. ZR 9 vs. Mach Z the ZR pulls out 7-8 lengths off the line and the Mach Z cannot catch it in 3/4 mile, not even close. I have not raced that particular RX-1 (he is an older guy not into racing) but I have ran against another Rx-1 and beat it bad in a 1/2 mile race from dead stop. My ZR has a clutch kit in it, the Mach is stock. At the trash ride if we can find any other big sleds to race we can see how it or anyone else does. From the Soo it is probably about 2 hrs by trail to Drummond Island at sane speed, $3 for a sled to go over.
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