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Looking For Opinions On ATV's

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Looking For Opinions On ATV's

Postby Land_Warrior » March 23rd, 2004, 7:17 pm

My dad and Brother own Grizzlies and they love them. Wouldn't trade for anything. Raw power, and is fast.

I like the Cats also whacker, been looking at an ATV now for a year and trying to justify buying one. I know I would use it hunting, plus if I get a blade I could clean the sidewalk quickly here, but another toy will be a hard sell to the old lady. She keeps telling me to buy a used one, but around here, a used ATV is USED. Only people that trade them in are ranchers, and they are hammered.

I don't like the Honda's, and the 400 & 500 Polaris' are under powered. That new 700 though looks pretty kick arse, plus EFI. I don't really know whats the right ATV?? Like I said, the Grizzlies my family own are liked.
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Looking For Opinions On ATV's

Postby SALTALAREV » March 23rd, 2004, 7:34 pm

get yourself a polaris sportsman if you want a good atv.
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Looking For Opinions On ATV's

Postby 96XCR600 » March 23rd, 2004, 10:53 pm

I have a 04. 700 Polaris sportsman in mossy oak and it flat out rocks ! The EFI had just come out but they didn't offer it in the Mossy Oak paint scheme so I bought the carbed model. I really don't have any complaints with it only that the foot boards cracked when it was really cold outside. Called my local dealer and they warrenteed it no problem. The replacements that they put on were twice as thick and made from a different compound. The Polaris does have engine braking but only the rear wheels from what Ive heard. I opted for the 3000 # warn winch over the recommended 2500 #er for the simple fact that this machine is heavier than the others. Besides, bigger is better right ? The four wheel drive is TRUE 4 wheel drive, not three wheel drive like the honda's. The Kawi 700 is a great machine also but it has a solid rear axle, Polaris has independant, which offers more ground clearance and smoother ride. It makes it feel top heavy at times but its sure footed. I also have an older Yamaha Big Bear 350 with the solid rear axle and Im gonna tell you the independant is hands down 100% smoother that the solid. Both are great machines. My best advice to you is to go ride them all and make your decision with what YOU like, not what you read here or in the magazines. There are alot of biased opinions about this aznd that, but if you do your homework and are open minded about all the different brands, you will be happy with your decision. Polaris has some good video on their web site comparing a few competitors brands to theirs and its pretty interesting. I really like my 700 Sportsman, some think its too heavy, but I have not found that to be an issue...YET !!!!
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Looking For Opinions On ATV's

Postby treewhacker » March 24th, 2004, 2:23 am

I haven't tried the 700 EFI Polaris yet, I heard the 650 Kawi has the most powerfull motor, followed by Arctic Cat 650.
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Looking For Opinions On ATV's

Postby funkadelic101 » March 24th, 2004, 2:47 am

Treewhacker..... I have owned a Polaris Sportsman with the 500.... It is a good machine. I also put many miles on a Scrambler 500 4x4, not exactly a work horse, but my biggest gripe with the Polaris machines was the CVT. Once you get the belts wet, it's over. I since traded up to a Raptor 660.... Again, not the type of quad you are looking at, but my brother in law has the 660 Grizzly, and these two quads share the same motor.... I can say easily that the Grizzly is the best 4x4 quad I've ridden, and my Raptors nickname is "Tractor" cause it will pull any gear at any time. I've ridden some Arctic Cats, and the Honda Rubicon(sp?) and honestly, the Rubicon stinks, solid rear axle, no ride, horrible shifting, and the gear box gets so hot you sometimes have to ride with your right leg up on the mud flap..... In fact, just from the two Honda's I have ridden, I would recommend anything but them. Go check out a Grizzly 660, it's got it all.
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Looking For Opinions On ATV's

Postby GThunda » March 24th, 2004, 3:18 am

I have an '04 400 Sportsman that I use for hunting, ice-fishing, and plowing. It has plenty of power and torque for what I need and it rides nice.

Tough choices, good luck treewhacker!
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Looking For Opinions On ATV's

Postby WIVIPERMAN » March 24th, 2004, 4:49 am

TREEWHACKER.....Any choice out there today really isn't a bad 1 when it comes to atv's! Here is what I can tell you.....I have had Hondas since 1985 & have had very little problems with them! The current one I have is a 92 250x-sport quad w/reverse up until 2 seasons ago it still had the original chain on it & has never been apart! The only items I have replaced is rear axle bearings & brakes! when I consider atv's the choice for me is Honda & Yamaha! Most of the people I ride with have them & have had very little problems with them! With some of the other brands, may want to talk with people who actually have those models,....especially the Sportsman 700! It is a good machine, but the 1 guy I ride with(rides a Raptor) works for a Polaris dealer & says they are back to the dealer with problems alot! 1 major thing with them is if you ride it in the mud the radiator packs full with the mud & overheats, so, with that model you will have to spend more time on cleaning it properly! Funk is right on with the Honda Rubicon! I haven't heard too many good things about them! Haven't had a chance to ride the Arctic Cat atv's-from what I have heard about them all owners seem to be happy!
Good luck with whatever you decide on!
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Looking For Opinions On ATV's

Postby catnfool » March 24th, 2004, 4:55 am

Hey Wacker- My buddies I ride with have sportsman 700's (both are fixing broken rear cv joints right now...) a griz 660 (will not pull a wheelie from a stop, but goes good when it's wound up) and an A/c 650 (16" tires smoke everybody in the snow- he has replaced one belt. Operator error?) The Polaris machines are modded with clutch kits, big gun pipes and k&n filters. My 650 Prarie stock works them over pretty hard. a 700 Kawasaki should really wax them. I like the solid rear axle- when you are chasing down coyotes, the griz likes to tip on two tires alot... I would buy another Kawi because I like the low end power. Yamaha would be my second choice, but I haven't ridden the A/C. I don't know where the turbo would fit on the yamy...
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Looking For Opinions On ATV's

Postby drifter7 » March 24th, 2004, 5:31 am

Grizzly 660 all the way. I am selling them new right now for $6295. Here are some advantages the Grizzly has over the competition:

Front and Rear brake levers-Polaris and Cat only have 1 for both brakes, then a foot brake for the rear only. Not good for rock climbing. The Grizzly uses a 4 wheel disc, with a front and rear brake lever, plus a food rear brake. The Grizzly mounts the rear disc to the rear drive shaft for efficient braking with no chance of damage to the brake because it is not on the axel.

Differential lock-Polaris is an on demamd only, and Honda does not have this option.

Weight- the Grizzly is 600lbs, the Arctic cat is 680lbs, and the Polaris is 740lbs.

Transmission-The Yamaha Ultramatic uses an internal clutch within the clutch and the belt stays tight on the sheaves. The Polaris and Cat use a snowmobile type system that wears you belt, and has higher clutch engagement. The Grizzly will NOT wear out a belt. We have only replaced 5 since 1998.

4 wheel engine braking-The polaris only has 2 wheel because it is an on demand system for the 4 wheel drive. The rear wheels have to spin to engage the 4wd, not something you want to do going down a steep grade. I have seen people lose control and roll their machines because the rear wheels lock up and loose traction while the front wheels free-wheel. NO FUN!

The Grizzly has 4 wheel independent suspension-the Kawasaki Prairie uses a solid rear axel, less ground clearance.

The Grizzly has double wish bone suspension fron and rear with adjustable spring rates on all four corners-Polaris has McPhearson front-no adjustability.

The Grizzly is faster than the Cat, Honda and Polaris, and is less money.

I would definately go with the YAMAHA GRIZZLY.
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Looking For Opinions On ATV's

Postby SuZQ213 » March 24th, 2004, 5:35 am

All in all Treewhacker, you're going to have to make the ultimate decision. Call a few dealers and ask them if they have any used ones you can "try out" or take a spin on and see what's more comfortable for you. I personally have a Wolverine, but I wouldn't want to take it on the steep inclines in the mountains (it's good for yardwork) and I have two Warriors for "fun quads". My brother has a Suzuki that he's taken to the Hatfield McCoy area in West Virginia and it's great for the "steep and deep". You may want to look for the ones where the wheels work independently from each other (Sorry, I know quite a bit about quads, but I can't think of what that's called) when it's in 4x4 mode, as that can be helpful in getting "unstuck". Hondas Foremans are good too. Polaris Sportsmans, I've seen a lot of them "stuck" (in man made mud bogs at ATV Ralleys) usually because the belt got wet. Kawasakis: Had no experience with them or Arctic Cats. The Arctic Cats and Grizzly's look awful BIG to me... that's where I think I'd want to test drive them first to see if I liked the feel of them.

Good luck and have fun!
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