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how you spent your summer vacation -

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how you spent your summer vacation -

Postby 96XCR600 » August 15th, 2004, 2:12 pm

First vacation was to "The human trap that the Mouse built" the week before Easter. My kids are 6 and 9 and I figured if we didn't go this year, it might be too late for them anytime later. Needless to say they and we (wifey and me) had a blast. The looks on their faces during the final show at Magic Kingdom with the fireworks and Tinkerbell flying thru the air was priceless. Alot of money well spent.
Second vacation a bunch of friends and family's met in Christmas Mi in Da UP for a 4 wheeling long weekend, then cruised down to my property in Greenbush Mi for the rest of the week. Riding then partying by the campfire,kids fishing off the dock, swimming in the lake, and roasting marshmello peeps over the campfire. Good times.
Third vacation, Hooked up with 2 good friends from work and went to Black Lake Mi for a guys mud run on the 4 wheelers. Had a blast, left Black lake headed for my place again in Greenbush for some more wheelin and drinkin. Buds left the next day (tuesday) and I fired up the chainsaw. Whacked down a bunch of trees that block the lake view from my camper. I still have arounbd 100 more trees to fell if anyone wants to help !! Almost glad to get back to work driving. Im not used to working that hard.:Z
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how you spent your summer vacation -

Postby f7snopro19 » August 15th, 2004, 2:46 pm

Went to Las Vegas with my family and had a all paid trip with free air fair, free hotel, and free limousine. My dad was on the game show [u]Instant Powerball Million[/u], and won $2,000 but lost in a tie breaker in order to win more.
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how you spent your summer vacation -

Postby FoxGirl336 » August 15th, 2004, 4:28 pm

Went to my cottage in Wisconsin a few times, went to my cousin's cottage in chetek, WI, went to orlando FL with my church youth group, came home and slept for a month, and then i get to go back to school in a week. :(
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how you spent your summer vacation -

Postby 2k2mxz6 » August 16th, 2004, 11:01 pm

Just bought 20 acres with a big house with barns,been cleaning up everything,put a new roof on the house.Started to strip out the house last week.Should be living in it by 2007.
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