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How many miles so far.

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How many miles so far.

Postby cromejob » January 11th, 2005, 4:17 am

How many miles do you have on your sled so far this year?

I'm at 605.
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How many miles so far.

Postby snirt » January 11th, 2005, 4:19 am

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How many miles so far.

Postby luvthemud » January 11th, 2005, 5:05 am

260. not nearly enough.
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How many miles so far.

Postby Smack » January 11th, 2005, 5:07 am

Around 400-450??
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How many miles so far.

Postby Long time cat man » January 11th, 2005, 5:15 am

Just under 900 miles. It's an AMAZING Arctic Cat, :B nothing but gas and oil so far! (and wear bars)
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How many miles so far.

Postby Oldtimer F-7 » January 11th, 2005, 5:16 am

2. Around the field...

I could truck 3 hours and ride, but the conditions there are only barely good enough, and the economics aren't right for me just now. This board and HCS fill the void, but I am getting really itchy for a ditch ride.
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How many miles so far.

Postby FiredUpRupp » January 11th, 2005, 5:52 am

Probably 5. I bet 1/2 mile of it was on bare ground to get to the lake. Bunkasota has struck again!
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How many miles so far.

Postby mach1mikeM1M » January 11th, 2005, 5:55 am

450 miles so far,looking forward to a slushy ride tonight and the trasher ride.I usually always average near a thousand a year.Not bad for two northern trips and crappy local illinois trails.
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How many miles so far.

Postby RWL » January 11th, 2005, 5:56 am

..a whoppin F*ckin 10 or so :M
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How many miles so far.

Postby GThunda » January 11th, 2005, 5:56 am

Does "pretending" count?

100 so far.
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