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Canadian Dollar

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Canadian Dollar

Postby deadsled » August 1st, 2007, 10:30 am

canadian dollar hasn't traded at 85 cents in months. it has been around .94-.96 for a while.
The US national debt is currently 29,524.41 per person and rising, and you call us bad at economics? Canadian is approximately USD $16,706 per person and is being paid down. I am just afraid you guys will drag us down, since we are beside you, and your country is 10 times our size (population wise, not area). Kind of like the sinking titanic pulling lifeboats down in the vacuum it produces. Keep in mind, that is per person, so if you are married and have three kids, your share is about $150,000. Not a bad little mortgage, on which you haven't begun making payments. Better hope you can keep finding friendly countries to keep giving you credit.
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Canadian Dollar

Postby NorthernSkunk » August 1st, 2007, 10:51 am

[quote=2Fast4U2][quote=NorthernSkunk][quote=2Fast4U2][quote=NorthernSkunk]workin on it...bought two dirt bikes this summer...shoppin for a 600 sled...and the ol' zr is gettin pimped out[/quote]
There is no "workin on it", you just need to go to your local snowmobile dealer of your choice and give them money, then they give you a sled, that's how it works.
"...shoppin for a 600 sled..."
Well hell in that case I guess I'm shopping for a Lamborgini V12.

Shopping and buying are two totally differant things.[/quote]

the new 600's ain't out yet[/quote]
So you [b]are[/b] buying a new 600 right?[/quote]

right now the only sleds interesting me are the New ski-doo 600 and if cat is really releasing anything new in a 600
Na i'm done with you, your to much of an ass for me!

Your on a need to know basis and since you never come out here you don't need to know....
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Canadian Dollar

Postby mnsnowboy » August 1st, 2007, 1:49 pm

Probably be a lil different if it weren't for the $$$$$$$ that has been being spent in Iraq. I'm not saying good or bad about the war other than it ain't cheap.

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Canadian Dollar

Postby *RABID » August 2nd, 2007, 1:45 am

we've always had large debt numbers.
Generally we compare them to GDP for a more accurate picture.

The ME is just a drop in the bucket out of the Federal budget.
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Canadian Dollar

Postby Long time cat man » August 2nd, 2007, 2:06 am

Who gives a dam if the country has a debt to pay? I've been retired for 10 years and still owe on the house I live in. Why pay off a 6% loan when I can take that money and average over 10% with it in the stock market. Just so I can say it's paid off?? Who gives a chitt! Use the house like a credit card and borrow on the equity. It's cheap money and it's tax deductible. Now if you owe lots a money on a 20% credit card....than yer a dumbass! This country has been in debt most of it's existence, doesn't seem to have hurt us any.
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Canadian Dollar

Postby Oldtimer F-7 » August 2nd, 2007, 2:30 am

If the Canadian dollar is worth more than the US dollar, the US will see increased sales to Canada...same as when Americans went north of the border to buy cars sleds and such when our dollar was 1.5 x the canadian..
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