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EFI regulator

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EFI regulator

Postby FueliesRock » November 27th, 2001, 2:29 pm

I read a post on here before from someone that was talkign about an efi regulator, and I and trying to learn more about them. If a guy was to get one of these, would he have as much flexibility as he would have with a carb, such as could you put a pipe on, or a twin pipes on and just change the regulator, or would oyu have to get a chip also? Would you be able to set it and leave it, or would you have to look out for lean spots and change it as the temp goes down, or you go up in altitude? Any other information you can give me on EFI would help. Also a guy told me once that cat had problems with their efi on the 500 motors, the early ones, like 99 and maybe 00. Problems being right when you open the throttle there is a slight bog. Also if a guy wanted to change it to carbs, what would you have to change the computer too, or doesn't it have anything to do with the timing? Thanks alot
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