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Compared xc700/viper

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Compared xc700/viper

Postby Fox click » December 28th, 2001, 6:04 am

Here is the deal.. Rode with my friend and he has the viper and me the xc well threw the woops the xc wins at all speeds at a 50 mph side by side run the xc pulls by 1/2 sled but the viper slowly creeps up but doesn't pass me at 100+ and a good 1/2 mile dead stop the xc kills it all the way. the viper is smooth pull and has good power down fall was he has to hold the throttle all the time to start it and his rear boggy wheel was gone after 30 miles so a short dayand back to the shop
Fox click
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Compared xc700/viper

Postby XC-Rider » December 28th, 2001, 9:24 am

It sure sounds like those vipers are having a lot of problems. And to think I considered buying one.. scary thought!!
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Compared xc700/viper

Postby 250exdude » December 28th, 2001, 3:15 pm

NO regrets on buying a viper i love that thing. Every1 sayz its a dog but it cant be 2 slow considering i went from an xc 6 to this and the viper would murder my xc 6!
ride it like you stole it!
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Compared xc700/viper

Postby CatRider800 » December 28th, 2001, 3:18 pm

it better be able to murder your xc600... if it cant, u have some serious problems
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Compared xc700/viper

Postby Rocket Sledder » December 28th, 2001, 3:42 pm

the edge x 700 rocks
Rocket Sledder
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Compared xc700/viper

Postby ebsSRX700 » December 28th, 2001, 6:03 pm

cant we all just admit it, the viper is a d**n good sled......PERIOD, all it needs is the aftermarket pipes and it will smoke almost any 700...........except for my SRX, HAHAHAHA
John Doe
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Compared xc700/viper

Postby ZR800Racer » December 29th, 2001, 3:57 am

d**n good sled my ass! All it needs is $800 worth of pipes, SRX heat exchangers, head work and a few more little goodies. So for $10,000 you can have a fast sled that handles like s**t in the rough and has no warrantee. Now that I think about it, it is a d**n good sled! LMAO

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Compared xc700/viper

Postby 2002XCSP700 » January 1st, 2002, 12:37 pm

XC700...Sled of the year. (my opinion)
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Compared xc700/viper

Postby Indy 500 » January 1st, 2002, 2:09 pm

I agree the xc 700 is the best pound for pound sled on the market right now!!

On the gas and kickin A$$!!
Indy 500
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Compared xc700/viper

Postby 700edge_x » January 2nd, 2002, 4:29 am

The 700 xc would definitely have my vote for sled of the year.
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