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It's getting bad out there..really Bad !!!!

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It's getting bad out there..really Bad !!!!

Postby 2k2mxz6 » February 2nd, 2002, 9:06 am

I ride in an area that has about 50 different sleds on a busy weekend and I know what you're saying.There was a couple of wrecks these past couple of years,some of them guys just quit riding thank god.A manditory class would be a good idea.They don't belong to clubs or nothing,they are not in it for the long run.Even though it is only 50 sleds sometimes,it makes you think.
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It's getting bad out there..really Bad !!!!

Postby snoguy14 » February 2nd, 2002, 4:17 pm

i hate to admit it but my 15 year old is the stupid,moronic,dumb,recless,incosiderate SOB we all hate.I rode with him today and after he passed a family on a grandtouring,i pulled him off his sled and took the keys.He has a trail licence but,they didn't show the aftermath of a head on hit in the training class!I am so sorry and do not consider myself to be a bad parent but to anyone my son may have scared or pissed off i apologise.Until he shows respect for the sport or learnes that a sled IS as dangerose as a car he is off the trails.Better to be called an a*****e than to be at his or god forbid someone elses funeral.
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It's getting bad out there..really Bad !!!!

Postby kenlacy » February 2nd, 2002, 4:26 pm

Uker2 - Actually I prefer riding at night when we are trailriding. Specially when I am leading. Only because you can see the lights coming way ahead of time. During the day you can't see those guys coming around blind corners - but at night - you know well before hand.
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It's getting bad out there..really Bad !!!!

Postby xc500sp » February 2nd, 2002, 8:50 pm

kenlacy, good point.. could also see the bumps!
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It's getting bad out there..really Bad !!!!

Postby winter rules! » February 2nd, 2002, 9:08 pm

Hey MM700, was up there on 29th to Feb 1st and must say that the trails were in awesome condition! Please give thanks to the groomer for an excellent job! Stayed in Baraga,..rode to Twin Lakes (marathon gas lady was super nice) and all around to Mass City,..Chassell. Ran in to one group that insisted on using the whole trail to get by us. It was a Viper who came up over a hill right in the middle of the trail and forced our lead guy into the rough. Never stopped and his buddies followed the same path. I hear what your talking about!! Put on 572 miles for our first time out. Thanks!
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winter rules!
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It's getting bad out there..really Bad !!!!

Postby Uker2 » February 2nd, 2002, 11:55 pm

kenlacy, yeah I understand that theory. But I subscribe to the theory that you are more likely to encounter the daredevils fueled by the liquid courage served up at the watering holes. We also enjoy our spirits, which is why we lock the sleds up after the sun goes down. As for the night riding, I'm confident in our groups ability, I just don't trust the headlight I see coming around the blind corner. You see we had a guy in our group messed up pretty bad by a drunk daredevil one night. Believe me, it makes a lasting impression. We don't even talk about it, we just end our ride when the sun goes down.
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It's getting bad out there..really Bad !!!!

Postby MM700 » February 3rd, 2002, 10:11 pm

Way to go Sno guy..that's the stuff I like to see, it will teach that kid to slow down and be a responsible rider...hopefully.....We had a group of teens cause a wreck at an intersection on Saturday..because they blew through a stop sign, the guy was not hurt..however his machine was totalled.....The kids did stop to see if he was alright...when they found out he wasn't hurt...they lipped off at him and took off before the DNR got to the scene...little bastards...If those hwere my kids..they would get their azzez kicked !!!!....Hey are these your kid's ???? go check your kid's sleds...look for damage..if their is some ask what the hell is going on...I would not hesitate to turn my kid in if he did something wrong, it's the only way they will learn to drive more responsibly...and respect the power and danger of these machines...some parents really have their heads up their azzes....they put their 15 year old son on a 600....Stupid, Stupid, Stupid....that's too big a sled for a teenager to be know they will push's part of being a teen...and don't give me that squat about responsible teens, I don't buy it.
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It's getting bad out there..really Bad !!!!

Postby Drewman » February 3rd, 2002, 11:58 pm

Good for you snoguy14,I hear ya about the stupid,moronic,dumb,recless,incosiderate SOB, at 22 mines just starting to grow out of it,I hope. I have NEVER let any of my kids take a sled of mine out with out me being along. Until they want to put the effort into buying there own sled they just have to deal with having the old man along._________DREW

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It's getting bad out there..really Bad !!!!

Postby zrcat » February 4th, 2002, 12:10 am

It's gonna be worse this year as everyone is trying to stuff 12 weeks of riding into only 4 because of the sh!tty year.
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It's getting bad out there..really Bad !!!!

Postby mad max » February 5th, 2002, 8:39 am

my buddies and i helped pull a 20 year out of the trees this year.he did not make it going way to fast on a rental sled what a waste of life i just feel sorry for parents that get a phone call to say johnny is dead i ride a 800 xcsp but iam 41 and have been riding for 20 years if i hit 50 on trails thats fast enough all i see is young punks passing us and blowing threw stop signs cars have seat belts and air bags sleds have nothing and that helment at 75-80 mph just kepts your face pretty for the funneral home some parents really need to talk to their kids some so called adults need to see what i did and help pull a dead body out of the trees may be that would wake them up i dont mean that i want some one to get killed just maybe reallity would wake them up dont just brag about how many miles you ride or how fast you go just enjoy the ride this happened about january and a day doesnt go by that i dont think about that poor guy laying there _DEAD!!!!!
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