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REV is ugly

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REV is ugly

Postby Polar Randy » February 21st, 2002, 12:32 am

Its gonna take a while to get used to the looks. Kinda looks like a Phazer with a jet ski seat. Rear tail close off is really ugly, notice they don't show to many views of it. I think it will be the wave of the future. The 02 mxz and edge sleds look great but I guess thats "old school" now.
Polar Randy
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REV is ugly

Postby MXZinger » February 21st, 2002, 2:09 am

Run buddy before you get Catgeekafide. There coming.
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REV is ugly

Postby zrcat » February 21st, 2002, 6:29 am

Thats funny, how you heap MXZ and Edge as great looking sleds. I'll give ya the great looks on the MXZ, but polaris.....don't think so. There is nothing good lookin about Ronald McDonald's color scheme being plasturd all over a ho-hum lookin sled.....
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REV is ugly

Postby PolarisIndy » February 21st, 2002, 6:53 am

How someone can complain about colors, when they are a Cat fan is beyone me....

I've seen prettier colors come up after a night of Beer, Tequilla, and bad mexican food than the ugly ass green Cat uses...

I do admit though I hate the use of yellow on any Polaris sled. Yellow belongs on Ski-Doo's so I can make fun of them....
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REV is ugly

Postby 96VmaxXT » February 21st, 2002, 7:08 am

Hey I just took that little REV SLIDE SHOW on the " MINI SITE " for the rev and the sled in the 5 frame/slide whatever looks pretty neat with the LOW wind shield it doesn t really look like a Phazer look at it its kind of cool looking.
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REV is ugly

Postby ArcticEd » February 21st, 2002, 7:11 am

Anyone who thinks the REV is ugly has a real gift for recognising the obvious......I'm more interested in how it will WORK........

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