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Oval Driver's and Sleds

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Oval Driver's and Sleds

Postby watcher » December 8th, 2003, 5:45 pm

Let us remember back in the "Ovals Days" (think hard) Name some drivers and the Sled that they raced!
Bob Eastman on Polaris
Mike Trapp on Ski Doo
Yvon Duhamel on Ski Doo
Ed Schubitzke on Yamaha
Dick Trickle on Yamaha
Jim Adema on Thunderjet
See how far back we can go in "Ovals Days" come up with names that we might have forgot about in the years.


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Oval Driver's and Sleds

Postby cpr racing » December 8th, 2003, 8:06 pm

Hey Terry....Well, lets see....
jerry bunke-polaris Sam Sessions- Kyotee
Jim Adema- Sno-Jet Larry Coltom- Arctic Cat
Larry Rugland-Polaris/Ski-doo Leroy Lindblad- Polaris/Ski-doo
Bob Elsner- Arctic Cat Steve Thorsen-Polaris
Dick Trickle-Yamaha Brad Hulings-Polaris
Doug Hayes-Ski-Doo Mario Ito-Yamaha
Dave Thompson-Arctic Cat Don Omdahl-Polaris
Giles Villenueve-Alouette Charlie Lofton-Arctic Cat
Larry Omans-Yamaha Ed Shubitzki-Yamaha
Jim Dimmerman-Arctic Cat Jacques Villenueve
Dave Wahl Arctic/Ski-doo
Well thats All I can think of as of now,theres a few Independents I could throw in there like, Tom Porter,Todd Elmer,T.J. Patrick, Herb Yancy, Darcy Ewing.
I'm sure I havent mentioned all the great Oval Drivers from the past,also alot of great drivers from the late 80's and 90's.
Terry, what about the great race tracks....
Alexandria,Brainerd,Milwaukee,West Yellowstone,Peterborough.
Its fun to think back on the history of Oval Racing.
Have a great day and race season!
Devin Fackrell CPR
cpr racing
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Oval Driver's and Sleds

Postby MM700 » December 9th, 2003, 1:18 am

Cool watcher
Steve Ave Ski-Doo
Roger Jansen Arctic Cat
Bob Eastman Polaris
Gordon Rudolf Chapperal
Bobby Donahue Yamaha/Moto-ski/Ski-doo
Mario Ito Yamaha
Gilles Villenuve Alloutte
Jim Adema Sno Jet
Brad Hulings Scorpion/Mercury/Ski-doo
Steve Thorsen Polaris
The Deckers Ski-Doo/Moto Ski (Steve, Mike, Allen, Chuck, Dick Audrey, Sue)
Dave Thompson Arctic Cat
Jerry Bunke Polaris
Grant Hawkins (Yamaha..Soo I-500 winner)
Dick Trickle Yamaha
Frans Rosenquist Mercury/Yamaha/Polaris
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Oval Driver's and Sleds

Postby doo it » December 9th, 2003, 1:29 am

cpr racing, I didn't remember Brad on a Polaris

MM700 Posted
"Brad Hulings Scorpion/Mercury/Ski-doo"

I remember Brad on Scorpion(untill they went out of business) then Ski-doo

Did he race Murcury before Scorpion?

Thanks, Chuck
doo it
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Oval Driver's and Sleds

Postby old motorman » December 9th, 2003, 1:57 am

Brad started on mercury sno-twister's, then when to polaris midnight blue express, with Jery B. Steve T. I believe in 1977, also MIKE TRAPP on a yamaha, Jimmy the Greek on a evinrude,
old motorman
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Oval Driver's and Sleds

Postby Long time cat man » December 9th, 2003, 1:58 am

Don't forget Brian Sturgeon, AC's race directer, I saw him win more than his fair share at Eagle River, and Guy Useldinger was one I don't see mentioned. I'am cheating here, I have some old I-5oo programs. Lots of old MIRA enduro guys not mentioned.
Long time cat man
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Oval Driver's and Sleds

Postby kawicat » December 9th, 2003, 2:33 am

hmmm, lets see.

sam sessions-kalamazoo racers
jim adema- snojet/yamaha
larry rugland- polaris/moto-ski
leroy lindbald-polaris
stan hayes- skidoo/polaris/merc/john deere
doug hayes- merc/skidoo/polaris
jim bernat- polaris
don omdahl- polaris
bob eastman- polaris
jerry bunke- polaris
brad hulings- merc/polaris/scorpion
steve thorsen- polaris/scorpion
tom porter- cat
richie porter- cat
charlie lofton- cat
larry coltom- cat
paul eggebratten- cat
dave thompson- cat
roger janssen- cat
bob elsner - cat
jim dimmerman- cat
herb yancy- cat
ron hall- cat
ken young- cat
richie sharp- cat
fay parmley- cat
ed schubitzke- yamaha
dick trickle- yamaha
lynn trapp- yamaha
larry omans- yamaha
wayne trapp- yamaha/cat
mike trapp- yamaha/skidoo
bobby donahue- yamaha/skidoo
yvan duhamel- skidoo
steve ave- skidoo
todd elmer- polaris
tj patrick- polaris
darcy ewing- independent
gene bloom- rupp
les pinz- scorpion
greg grahn-polaris/brut/scoprion
jaques villeneuve- alloutte/skiroule/kawasaki/skidoo
gilles villeneuve- alloutte/skiroule
greg channel- kawasaki
dan kirts- manta
team decker
team frustration
team abold -(i mentioned some of the guys on here already)
team army
team destroyer
team kalamazoo
team ARBE (the manta sno-pros)
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Oval Driver's and Sleds

Postby doo it » December 9th, 2003, 3:54 am

Ah "yes" Brian Sturgeon. I knew Brian real well. He raced for my brother-inlaw out of Warner Equipment(Now Warner Outdoor) Brian rode a Polaris back then. We used to party at the sisters and brother-inlaws place. He's a great guy

I used to stop and talk to him at the race trailer every time we made it to race, he always made time for you.

I'm glad to see he has done so well, getting in with cat after his racing days came to a end.

Take Care, Chuck
doo it
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Oval Driver's and Sleds

Postby MM700 » December 9th, 2003, 4:08 am

Ok..good lists guys....but how about a little trivia...good for a beer if you come up and see is the question:

Everybody knows Mike Trapp won the World Championship on Yamahas...and eventually went to Ski-Doo....but what brand did he race before Yamaha??? (I do know the you)???
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Oval Driver's and Sleds

Postby maxiracer » December 9th, 2003, 4:10 am

Wow, some awesome old racers there!!
I can add a few,
Oscar St. Onge (Yamaha)
Roxanne Stienke (Merc, Cat)
Dorothy Mercer (Poo)
Jeff Biddescombe (scorpion)
Scott Metzler (M&M special)
Rob Holland (Bud Cat)
Kelly Monier from Iowa, (cat)
Roger Ebert (Scorpion, Deere, a couple of others also)
Bill Reed Sr. (doo's and cats on the old MISA circuit)
The Riemenschneiders (Dave and Tom)
Tom St. John (Cats and maybe sno*jet)
Gaston Ferland (ski-doo)
Claude Derosiers (ski-doo)
Rob Diamond (Doo's, Poo's in MIRA)
Lot's of special racers out there.
[b]Bevra Vintage Ice Oval Racing. Old School rules...[/b]
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