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WSA Membership fee is a joke!!!!!!!

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WSA Membership fee is a joke!!!!!!!

Postby joedirt909 » December 30th, 2003, 6:12 am

I think the fact that WSA is getting over a hundred dollars a pop for a membership and thats IF you had it in on time is frickin joke. If you didn't Renew your membership in a "timely manner" Than it went up. They wanted to charge me 165.00. I wasn't going to race this year so I didn't renew my membership. Plans and situations changed so I was able to race this year. I didn't know till 3 weeks ago that I'd race. There exscuse for the price hike was we inconvenienced them. Since when is a customer an inconvenience. That's what I was told. Think about all the Money the make just on the SPORT riders alone. Then look at how much they make from the towns that host the races! Crandon WI. Couldn't afford the 10,000 dollars WSA wanted so they stopped having the races there. What happened to this being a family fun sport. A sport for the snowmobile enthusiasts? Thats why I din't renew my WSA membership this year. I know of several others that did the same. That's also why I went over to DIVISION 1 RACING. They are all about what is best for the sport and not whats best for Business. The races are held on a clean safe fast agressive track with plenty of help around. Practice time is almost endless. They are all about sno-cross and whats best for the sport. You owe it to yourself,your kids and the sport to check them out. It's a first class operation. Go to or for info. We need to support these people and hope for more sanctions like this one. This is all just my opinion but I've heard a lot of the same comments from others. I'd just like to hear what others think.
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WSA Membership fee is a joke!!!!!!!

Postby Sled Wrecker » December 30th, 2003, 7:19 am

I had a similar problem with my kid. I raised a stink about it but noting ever happened. It's all about the $$$.
Sled Wrecker
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WSA Membership fee is a joke!!!!!!!

Postby Bunzai » December 30th, 2003, 9:30 am

Does anyone consider just how much it costs to run one of these events? WSA is a business and from what I can gather I thought it was quite clear about when the memberships were due.
I saw what was handed out to one of the Districts in regards to how the money is spent and believe me, they ain't getting rich as you'd like to believe.
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WSA Membership fee is a joke!!!!!!!

Postby kawicat » December 30th, 2003, 10:06 am

where does the money go? with rates like that they are losing more racers than they are gaining.
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WSA Membership fee is a joke!!!!!!!

Postby Dunior » December 30th, 2003, 4:53 pm

Not making money, give me a break, nationals sport entries only 500+ X 40.00 = 20,000.00 + pit passes, + semi pro entries, gate at $20.00 a pop, and to add to that all of the companies that pay to advertise with them, Min $10,000.00 to the host city, they easily bring in 40 to 50 k a weekend. Then add in about 2000 racers at $115.00 for membership and wow lets start the year with 230k. Regional, 600+ entries, 24,000.00 + 5 to 10k from host city, plus concessions, and this it takes 20k to build a track, bull!! Good snow making machines can be bought for 5 to 10K water is cheap, alot of times pumped out of a nearby lake. Snow hauled in is usually free and sometimes they are even paid to "dump" the snow where the track is. Now I would have bought all the hype of insurance etc, except for they have the same insurance through ISR that everyone else has to hold races and somehow these small venues, make a track, charge 20 to 30 bucks to race and still can make it. They are intitle to make a good living, but I think some things have gotten a little out of control as far as cost's. But I have to agree, Division one is doing a great job, the first race was alot of fun, just like last year, and it will only get better as time goes on. Some people complain that they are at the same place, why is that an issue, if the track is every changing anyway. Cedar lake speedway has been at the same place for along time and they seem to pack the place every weekend. Makes a person go hmmmmm. Anyway couldn't agree with you more on Division 1. We sure enjoyed it.
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WSA Membership fee is a joke!!!!!!!

Postby doo it » December 31st, 2003, 12:22 am

Dunior, I'm with ya 100%, WSA has (as far as I'm conserned) created a Monopoly of Snowmobile racing. They(They think) got too mutch power. I hope more drivers and fans support these smaller racing Org. and put "Fun" and "Family" back into the sport.

WSA=Greed and Power

doo it
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WSA Membership fee is a joke!!!!!!!

Postby dieseldog » December 31st, 2003, 6:51 am

I agree WSA is nothing but greedy! What the heck is there insurance for anyways just the spectators, cuz if you get hurt racing you already signed all your rights away. The only racers that WSA cares about is this pro's if you are anything else they treat you like sh*^. Just my two cents.
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WSA Membership fee is a joke!!!!!!!

Postby yak165 » December 31st, 2003, 7:55 am

come on, how are they going to afford their fancy semi and make sure all their employees have the nice matching jackets (oh wait, the jackets are probably provided by sponsors...)? WSA is a joke, part of the reason I quit racing. Now we will have those come here and say "racing isn't cheap", "you have to pay to play", etc. Yep, that is true, but makeing someone pay $150 just to register for a regional series?? I understand making the pro's pay a larger fee for a national, but for riders just racing the district and regional races, there is no need for that large of a "membership" fee. Must be those free hats they give with it...The entry fees are also a joke, I don't know what they are this year, but $50-$75 to race sport where you get no money back?? I guess those 2-3 lap practices, 4 lap heats and 8 lap features, it's money well spent...Better yet, lets make the racer that is putting on the show fork out $20 for everyone that they want to help them...At least they include a pitpass for the racer!! Just surprised they haven't started to charge a gate fee to get in the facility, come on WSA here's a golden opportunity for you!! Oh well, it was kinda cool when I did race that I could go out and run the same track during the weekend as Morgan & Tucker, but the novelity wears off after a while...

Just too bad the last couple of winters have sucked for snow, the local Lion's Club and snowmobile club that could put on a race to revial these regional races can't affort to make their own snow. I remember going to local races that had payback for sport classes, you could actually get enough money back to buy your crew a burger and beer after the race...Try that with your sport (maybe even semipro) payback from WSA (or even USSA...let see one weekend raced semipro 440, approximately 25 entries, made the final, ended up 5th and I think I was the last payback spot and made $40. Didn't even pay my entry!!) Oh well, should've listened to my dad sooner when he was always telling me to give up this nonsense!!
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WSA Membership fee is a joke!!!!!!!

Postby INDY500XCSP » December 31st, 2003, 12:51 pm

i apolgize im not up to par w/the racing thing,and not exactly sure how it works, but i thought if you were racing you had to one way or another registered w/wsa. Like WSA is like the govt of sno-x so to speak. Or is this D-1 just like a whole another league of things??I agree for the amt of money they we knwo they make, they do more *****in about bein poor and needing more money than politicans...
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WSA Membership fee is a joke!!!!!!!

Postby Doo_racer » January 1st, 2004, 10:15 am

I bought my wsa membership with the intentions of only racing 1 wsa race. It was expensive, especially since it was for 1 race only. I love racing, its my life. I'm not rich, not at all. but I would do whatever it takes to go racing. I wish my local circuit was a wsa regional, but its not. I don't complain about the cost to race, I know it's expensive, but I love doing it. I'm really getting sick of people complaining about these costs. YES, it's expensive.......but if you love doing it, it's worth it.
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