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Is WSA Slacking?

PostPosted: December 7th, 2004, 11:46 am
by yak165
What's up with WSA, first no TV coverage and then it's almost two weeks since the first race and still no press release on their site for the race. I guess you can at least look at the results...If they are trying to grow the sport they have a lot of work to do, pretty soon oval racers won't be the only ones looking for support if this is the best they can do for their NATIONAL snocross racers

Is WSA Slacking?

PostPosted: December 8th, 2004, 1:36 am
by T_Cat
They had 5-7 press releases that were emailed out to all WSA Members.

Here is the National one.. The second is for the X-Games..

Eckstrom, Malinoski Win At Amsoil Duluth National
Duluth, MN - Gray skies greeted fans and racers for the final day of the Amsoil Duluth National, but the clouds would break throughout the day treating everyone to breaks of sun. The wind also died down for Sunday's racing. Temps hovering in the 30-degree range on Sunday kept the snow on the track dry and powdery, a change from the wet, hard snow racers saw the previous two days. These conditions set the stage for a brilliant day of snocross racing.

Blair Morgan (Blair Morgan/Racng Coldwave Ski-Doo) and D.J. Eckstrom (Amsoil/Red Bull Polaris) tied for the top qualifier spot in the U.S. Air Force Pro Open class, with the top spot going to Morgan after a coin toss. After them came Robbie Malinoski (Olah Racing Woody's Arctic Cat) and Carl Kuster (Blair Morgan Racing/Coldwave Ski-Doo) - Kuster put in a brilliant performance in heat racing. Steve Martin (Formula XP-S Ski-Doo) powered out in front of the pack after the green flag was raised and earned the Camoplast Holeshot Award. But Martin fell back, and Eckstrom took the lead followed by Morgan and Dave Allard (Kimpex/Stud Boy Ski-Doo). Allard got by Morgan on lap two and quickly began to turn in fast lap times for the field, but Eckstrom had already opened up a good-sized lead. By the halfway point he had a five second lead on Allard, and Malinoski had passed Morgan for third. Allard began to fall off the pace and just after the halfway point Morgan lined up both Malinoski and Allard and passed them both through the Parts Unlimited Sweep at the bottom of the hill. At this point Morgan was nine seconds behind Eckstrom. Just three laps later he was 13 second behind Eckstrom, falling back. Eckstrom took a dominant win followed by Morgan and Kuster, who passed Malinoski on the last lap leading to the finish line when Malinoski's sled broke. He rolled over the transponder line to take fourth. The win was Eckstrom's first since the 2002 season.

In the U.S. Air Force Pro Stock class D.J. Eckstrom (Amsoil/Red Bull Polaris) earned the top qualifier spot in the class, going undefeated in heat racing and was followed by Blair Morgan (Blair Morgan Racing/Coldwave Ski-Doo). On green in the 16-lap final Robbie Malinoski (Olah Racing/Woody'sArctic Cat) got the holeshot and had the lead going through the Woody's Whoops and up the Amsoil Ascent to the top of the hill. As the field came around for the first time and headed back up the hill Morgan grabbed the lead away from Malinoski. By lap seven Morgan had a half-straight lead on the second place sled of Malinoski. But on the next lap Morgan lost control of his sled going through the Woody's Whoops and came off. Before Morgan could get back on his sled, Malinsoki, T.J. Gulla (TEAM Industries/Fox Racing Shox Polaris) and Eckstrom all got by leaving Morgan in fourth place. Eckstrom began to pressure Gulla and three laps later the pair were side-by-side. The foursome had a half straight gap between them and the rest of the field. Eckstrom pressured Gulla and three laps from the finish passed him in the Parts Unlimited Switchback at the bottom of the hill to take the second spot. On the next lap Morgan passed Gulla in the same corner to take the third and final podium spot. Malinoski took the win with Eckstrom taking second. Morgan made a final run up the inside of the Amsoil Ascent to try to take the second spot from Eckstrom but couldn't make up enough time on him and had to settle for third.

In Semi-Pro action, Bobby LePage (Hentges Racing Polaris) took the win in the Fox Racing Shox Semi-Pro Open class. In the eight-lap final, C.W. Sirjane (Formula XP-S Ski-Doo) grabbed the holeshot but LePage powered past him on the uphill run off the start. A few laps in and LePage had a few sled lengths on Sirjane, but Sirjane refused to let LePage escape. LePage's pace was too much for Sirjane to overcome, and he took a commanding win - the first WSA SWC win of

his career. Brett Bender (TEAM Industries/Fox Racing Shox Polaris) slotted into the third position and held the spot until the finish, taking the final podium spot.

Ross Martin (Pure Polaris Fuels and Lubricants/Woody's Polaris) took the victory in the Amsoil Semi-Pro Stock final concluding a superb weekend for the young rider. Martin took the lead after Willie Elam (Blair Morgan Racing/Coldwave Ski-Doo) crashed leading into the Amsoil Ascent. Coming in second was Martin's brother Dylan Martin (Pure Polaris Fuels and Lubricants/Woody's Polaris) and Bobby LePage, making it a Polaris podium sweep in the Semi-Pro Stock class.

The Sno-X Magazine Pro Vet final at the 2004-2005 WSA Amsoil Duluth National would mark Pro Vet and former Pro Open and Pro Stock class standout Dennis Durmas'(Durmas Racing/Monument Truck Polaris) final race as a snocross racer. Durmas has raced at Duluth for over a decade. Jesse Strege (Christian Brothers Racing/Christian Motors Arctic Cat) grabbed the holeshot led the Pro Vet final from flag to flag. Kirk Hibbert (Arctic Cat) slotted into second and chased Strege, but was unable to catch him. Durmas found himself in fourth and made a pass on the downhill run leading to the finish line on the final lap to take third place and the final podium spot. During the post-race interview, Durmas thanked the Duluth fans and all those who had helped him in his snocross career. Durmas will continue to race hillclimbs to West.

With the 2003-2004 Pro Women points champion, Amanda Johnson, retiring at the conclusion of last season, some wondered who would pick up where the talented racer left off. If Saturday evening were any indication, Kylie Abrahamson (Abe Racing/Reichert Bus Arctic Cat) left little doubt as to who she had in mind to take over the top spot in the class. Three riders were tied for the top spot in the Parts Unlimited Pro Women final with Julie Thul (Polaris), Angela Vacchino (OTSFF Arctic Cat) and Abrahamson all going undefeated in qualifying. A drawing of numbers from a hat settled the tie, placing Vacchino in the top spot followed by Abrahamson and Thul. On green, Abrahamson got the holeshot and powered up the hill. Thul was fourth and Vacchino got tangled up with another rider going up the hill. The first time around Thul passed two riders in a yellow flag zone and was black flagged. Abrahamson took her first WSA Pro win followed by Ashley Durmas (Durmas Racing/Monument Truck Polaris) and Angela Vacchino for third.


Four Riders Qualify For Winter X Games At Amsoil Duluth National
Duluth, MN - The World Snowmobile Association Amsoil Duluth National kicked off at Spirit Mountain in Duluth, Minnesota, Friday, November 26. The highlight of the first day of racing was the X Games Invitational racing held on Friday night, where the world's best snocross racers attempted to earn a spot on the roster for the Winter X Games snocross competition. A total of four riders would earn a coveted birth during Friday night's racing.

When the green flag flew in the final it was Willie Elam (Blair Morgan Racing Ski-Doo) who grabbed the holeshot. Elam was followed closely by the Arctic Cat of Jeff Snow (Olah Racing Arctic Cat). When Elam had trouble at the top of the hill, Snow took the lead. Just before the halfway point of the eight-lap race Dave Allard (Kimpex Ski-Doo) passed Snow for the lead.

Snow began to drop back, losing places to Steve Martin (XP-S Ski-Doo) and Matt Judnick (Pure Polaris Fuels and Lubricants Polaris). Judnick who put on perhaps the best performance of the evening, rode from back in the pack to take the third spot from Snow. Snow was able to hold on to the fourth and final transfer spot, earning a berth in the Winter X Games. Allard took the victory with Martin second and Judnick third.

For more info and results for the Amsoil Duluth National and Winter X Games Invitational results visit

Is WSA Slacking?

PostPosted: December 8th, 2004, 1:50 am
by racerxyz
WSA bringing Snocross to the next level

Before WSA $50 membership
now $165

Before WSA entry fees $25 sport $50 Semi Pro $100 Pro
now ? $75 Sport? $100 Semi Pro? $150 Pro?

Before WSA 7 Espn shows
now no television coverage

Before WSA payout, 1996 Toni Haikonen takes home $15,000 from Duluth
now no one will say

Ya the next level down.

Is WSA Slacking?

PostPosted: December 8th, 2004, 3:25 am
by yak165
Was that release on their website, if so I must've missed it.
At least now I was able to read about the race, too bad I won't be able to see it

Is WSA Slacking?

PostPosted: December 8th, 2004, 4:47 am
by ski-dont
people won't quit attending the races so why bother complaining , not attending the races would be the only thing that gets their attention

Is WSA Slacking?

PostPosted: December 8th, 2004, 4:50 am
by XMAN39
People sure like to defend WSA. Someday people will realize that WSA is in the business for themselves. They aren't there to promote the sport or the racers or the teams. They are there solely to make money for themselves. Eventually they will drain the well dry.

Is WSA Slacking?

PostPosted: December 8th, 2004, 8:09 am
by jpiler
XMAN ,you hit the nail right on the head.They`re all about lining their pockets.

Is WSA Slacking?

PostPosted: December 8th, 2004, 9:17 am
by T_Cat
The cost of doing business has rose dramatically.. I can guarantee that the profit ratio on a membership has not increased at all. I do know that the insurance cost have more than tripled and in some cases gone higher yet.. I know that venue's continue to charge more money for WSA to come in for an event. I know that Mother Nature hasn't helped anyone. I know that WSA has brought in groomers to the Regionals.. I know that WSA has brought Transponders to the Nationals and in Michigan to our Regional Circuit..

***** all you want about the WSA but they are not taking a bigger cut for themselves than the day's of MRP.

As for purse's that Toni H. won in 1996 that was all money put up by sponsors' not the organization. If you want larger purses pull out your wallet and give the racers more money..

I do know that WSA Michigan has worked it's butt off to provide more prizes to the races.. 05 Yamaha Vector, 6 50cc Arctic Cat quads, 1 Scooter and countless giveaways and prizes from Fine companies like Tekvest, Powermadd, Woody's and others..

But hell it's easy to sit in your chair and type******and not do a damn thing.. Good Job!

Don't be part of the problem,, Be part of the solution!

Visit my site some time and see what we do to be part of the solution!

Is WSA Slacking?

PostPosted: December 8th, 2004, 10:51 am
by T_Cat
It was emailed to all members of WSA and the Media..

It is also posted on the National Site


Is WSA Slacking?

PostPosted: December 9th, 2004, 9:27 am
by yak165
Don't know if it is still that same, but regional venues had to pay WSA to have the event (around $10k), not WSA paying the venue...

But I do see they updated their site with a link to the press release, that wasn't there when I posted this, maybe they listen/read??