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I-500 Results Question

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I-500 Results Question

Postby ICEISNICE » February 7th, 2005, 1:11 am

How come sled #14 does not show any time trial results? THey have to qualify to run the race, right?
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I-500 Results Question

Postby M10rules » February 7th, 2005, 3:17 am

They only show the top 50 qualifying times on the website, he may of been below that and with the scratches he moved up....just a guess though. Bigger question is why were the teams of 02 and 54 allowed to have Crew Members on the track by the sleds during red flag? :B
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I-500 Results Question

Postby motherlove » February 7th, 2005, 6:36 am

Mike Gentz posted a 83.43 which put him in the 51st postion of all the drivers that qualified
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I-500 Results Question

Postby catmango » February 7th, 2005, 6:42 am

It appeared that the crew members for 02 and 54 were there assisting the officials with the placement of new transponders/lap counting devices. That's the reason for the red flag. I'm only guessing. Typically, no crew members are allowed to work on the sleds during a red flag.
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I-500 Results Question

Postby COMETTOES » February 8th, 2005, 5:03 pm

How is the rule written? In the Soo evening news they stated that "Coincidentally, very shortly after the #3 scratched,Bunke's second driver Davis, suffered from cramps"? Very convenient for #16. And got right on and raced. In our day, a driver had to be injured, not simply suffering from arm pump. And that never ever qualified as a reason to grab a driver. If the team thought they were going to have a problem with driver conditioning - they are allowed 5 drivers on a team at the start. Its an old trick and thats why the rule reads as it did.
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I-500 Results Question

Postby polaris120 » February 9th, 2005, 12:12 am

every driver suffers from some form of arm pump. cory should of not been able to jump on the #16 sled. like jane stated at the driver meeting will have to have something majorly wrong with ya in order to get a driver from another sled.
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I-500 Results Question

Postby Aaron25 » February 9th, 2005, 9:50 am

Does anyone know where to find rules for what you can do to a sled for the I 500?
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I-500 Results Question

Postby XC » February 9th, 2005, 10:06 am

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I-500 Results Question

Postby J&M02 » February 9th, 2005, 10:08 am

You can find all of the rules for Enduro Racing in the ISR Rule Book.
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I-500 Results Question

Postby XC » February 9th, 2005, 10:11 am

but the i-500 has their own set of rules
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