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Polaris on Fire at Lambeau

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Polaris on Fire at Lambeau

Postby yak165 » February 13th, 2005, 3:29 pm

Literally! Both Ross Martin's and Eckstrom's sleds started on fire.

Good thing for Martin his happened in a heat race, he was able to win the LCQ and then come from a back row start to win the semipro stock final.

Eckstroms chance at the pro open title went up in smoke, while running in third in the final his sled started on fire. Blair went on to run away with the win.

Off topic of the results, to me it looked like a very low turn out, can't imagine WSA made much money after renting the stadium and paying help. I would say the attendance was about the same as the race in the parking lot last year. Why not lower the ticket price to $15-20, I bet they would've had at least twice if not three times the people. Even if it was only twice the number, the money made off of concessions would've helped.
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Polaris on Fire at Lambeau

Postby xcsp » February 14th, 2005, 12:35 am

I agree, make it $20 tops for adult admission. It was better than expected, but $27.50 is a bit steep.

I liked the backflip by Jimmy "Blaze" on the Yamaha RX1 (or Vector)!!
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