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Postby indysp » February 25th, 2002, 2:25 pm

i have a 2000 pol xcf race sled with the bulkhead broke under the right front motor mount any body have or heard of that thanks tim
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Postby that 31 car » February 25th, 2002, 2:38 pm

Fairly common with hard use. Get the welder out.
New bulkhead jobs take too long on a 3 yearold sled.
that 31 car
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Postby ice_racer_69 » February 27th, 2002, 8:45 am

that same exact thing happend to me on the same exact sled...the bulkhead just dissappeared in a one inch diameter around the motor mount. do you race?? cuz that's what happend to me...must have been tons of stress on it
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