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Postby elaine95 » June 18th, 2019, 3:50 am

San Francisco Giants third baseman Evan Longoria has elected to have surgery on his broken left hand , hoping that can speed his return to the field.

Longoria was injured Thursday when he was hit in the hand by a pitch from Miami’s Dan Straily. Longoria underwent an examination in Los Angeles on Saturday morning and said surgery was not required.

The procedure could improve his recovery time, he said.

”Hopefully soon after the All-Star break, I should be back,” Longoria said before the Giants played the Dodgers. ”It shouldn’t be too long before I can start the process of strengthening it. Once the incision heals Deandre Baker Jersey , it’s pretty much pain tolerance.”

”It’s best to say six to eight weeks, but I have a hard time telling myself that,” Longoria said. ”I’ll definitely push for some time soon after the All-Star break.”

The surgery will be done Tuesday in Los Angeles by hand specialist Steven Shin and a permanent pin will be inserted in Longoria’s left hand.

The 32-year-old Longoria is batting .246 with 10 home runs in his first season with the Giants, and was tied for the team lead with 34 RBIs.

Longoria was a three-time All-Star in 10 seasons with Tampa Bay before being traded to the Giants last winter.

Some would argue the NFL season starts with the draft. During mid-April or early-May , fan optimism is rampant as teams pick a handful of declared collegiate players who may (or may not) be the difference makers in the upcoming season or seasons to come. No round of the draft receives more scrutiny than the first round. Players selected with the first overall pick, in the top five, ten and so forth, are considered the cream of the crop and look to be compensated accordingly. As a result Julian Love Jersey , team management, experts and fans constantly evaluate every aspect of a first rounder’s game in the short and mid-term to determine whether he was worth the pick.Time is the ultimate determinant if a first round pick was worth his spot, however. Sometimes first round players waste little time in establishing their merit and contribute right away or soon thereafter. Other players waste considerable amounts of time for both the team and fans alike with little to show for their first round selection. Notwithstanding, every NFL franchise has that first round pick who proved to be a reach , a franchise setback or that one player—in some cases two—who severely underperformed. Let’s check out the worst first round pick for each NFL franchise. And yes, it’s a quarterbacks’ league!
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