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They demand a public correction, and they also seek “a

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They demand a public correction, and they also seek “a

Postby elaine95 » September 5th, 2019, 2:18 am

Even a blown call in a conference championship isn’t enough to create momentum for rules changes.And Ravens coach John Harbaugh doesn’t think that’s good for the teams affected by the problems that inevitably arise Dalton Risner Jersey , or the fans of the game.Via Josh Katzenstein of the , Harbaugh offered an impassioned plea for the powers that be to make changes to protect the league’s credibility.“Look how tough it is for these officials,” Harbaugh said. “Really, I know as a coach, what’s the worst spot to watch the game from? The sideline. You see the least amount from the sideline. That’s why we put coaches in the box. So, we’ve got all this technology and the fans actually have a better view of the game from an officiating standpoint than the officials do.“So, these clear and obvious mistakes that are inevitably going to get made Drew Lock Jersey , it’s not just one play in a championship game; it happens every single week, OK, because the job is so tough, it moves so fast and the angles aren’t great. If we can put somebody up there in the box that’s got a better angle that can help officiate the game from up there, let’s do that. If we can add more plays into replay, let’s do that because at the end of the game, it’s about the credibility of the sport , and we can’t have the other leagues out-pacing us in terms of the use of technology to make sure the games are fair and well-officiated.“We have great officials. These guys are incredible with what they do. We’ve also put a lot of rules in place that have made it really tough of them. They’ve got a lot on their plate, so let’s add an official, let’s add two officials, let’s put one up in the box, let’s expand replay if we want and let’s make sure that, at the end of the day, the fans walk out of the stadium and walk away from their TV sets knowing that was a good Andy Isabella Jersey , hard-fought, well-played, fairly-officiated game and the outcome is as it should be. It was correct that the right team won the game.”That’s not necessarily the case in New Orleans, where the Saints were the victims of a missed pass interference/helmet-to-helmet hit in the NFC Championship Game, which could have sent them to the Super Bowl.Despite the conversations created by that no-call, members of the competition committee are skeptical anything will change.Which will leave an entire city, along with coaches like Harbaugh waiting for a solution that doesn’t appear to be imminent. The battle is joined. Almost.In response to the findings of a joint NFL/NFLPA investigation regarding Panthers safety Eric Reid‘s allegation that he was targeted for random PED testing Jamel Dean Jersey , his lawyers have communicated to the league and the union their objection to the conclusion that Reid’s random PED tests were anything other than truly random.Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that Reid’s lawyers contend that Reid was randomly tested at least seven times, and that some of the dates appearing in the NFL/NFLPA report were incorrect. They demand a public correction, and they also seek “access to all evidence, records, electronic messages and information sources used to determine the findings within the report.”Good. If foul play occurred, Reid should use all devices at his disposal to get to the bottom of it. If Reid’s suspicions are correct, it means that the NFL somehow corrupted the independent testing procedures — and it now means that the NFL and NFLPA jointly have generated and disseminated false information about the number of times he was tested in order to cover it all up.In other words D.K. Metcalf Jersey , it would be one of the biggest scandals the league has ever seen.Thus, Reid and his lawyers need to do more than send letters, if they believe something improper occurred. They should file a grievance or pursue whatever other legal action is available, with the goal of proving that Reid was tested as many times as he claims and that one or more of the tests weren’t random.Whatever the truth may be, let’s stop beating around the bush and uncover it. Today’s developments are a half-step in that direction. Reid and his lawyers now need to go the rest of the way.
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