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About Student Life

PostPosted: May 20th, 2020, 5:37 am
by doberso
At Centenary University, we believe your social experience on campus can be just as important as what you learn in the classroom. The friends you make here will be friends for life.

When you walk across Centenary’s beautiful campus, it’s easy see why our students say there’s always something going on. Perhaps you’ll stop by a friend’s dorm room to discuss a school assignment or just hang out on the Quad. Maybe you’ll bump into one of your professors, who will recognize you and happily talk about the day’s lecture. Or you might decide to watch a lacrosse or basketball game and join in our student cheering section — The Clone Zone.

While many of your favorite Centenary moments will happen without planning, the Division of Student Life is here to help connect you with any resources you need to make your college experience your own. From arranging service-learning opportunities to hosting popular students events, we are here to help you set up or join in co-curricular activities that are meaningful, and just plain fun.

Re: About Student Life

PostPosted: May 21st, 2020, 10:34 am
by ertooso
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