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Article on sled fatalities in NY

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Article on sled fatalities in NY

Postby ACZL » February 21st, 2017, 3:19 am

Hey John,

How about an article on all the fatals we've had here in NY this season. 3 head ons (in JUST 2 days!), several on ice, others too fast/corners, booze, nightime.

This may not be a pleasant subject and may not appeal to everyone, but all snow mags should start to push for riders to use more common sense. WAY too many riders are "all about me attitude" and going way to fast. They all think just because the sled may ride better at higher speeds, they all want to prove it on trails, corners, hills etc. Add to this the loud pipes which has caused many landowners to shut trails down due to the loudness and lack of respect by owners of sleds w/ pipes. Oh, plus, add in the yahoos ignoring "trail closed" signs.

Sled mfrs build what consumers want. Sled mags all show pics of sleds in what seems to be high speed action shots. Many folks read the mags. The ones who need to adhere to the message won't read the articles. BUT you folks have to start the ball rolling.


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