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New Article

Postby whitedust » January 22nd, 2007, 7:47 am

Have you considered writing an article about sled features past and present that you liked and would like to proliferate into newer model sleds?
Useable high windshields
Functional rear view mirrors
Adjustable windshields
Adjustable handlebars
Adjustable seats
Smart Ride
Adjustable limiter strap
Cockpit adjustable suspensions
Self lubricating rear suspensions
Dual Carbides
Parking Brake
Adjustable handwarmers
Dual odometers
Built in GPS
Turn indicaters
Estimated fuel left
Estimated MPG
All of this technology is out there and some has come and gone. I think it would be interesting for Snowgoer to give a prospective of what was good and what was bad and what we need more of.
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