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Wife wants to be a call girl

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Wife wants to be a call girl

Postby sanhpvv » July 14th, 2019, 4:14 am

Hello whole ae TD. It has been a long time since I have been searching for thinking because cv still keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now I have a chance to post for you to read. Here are a few of my feelings, note that it is just a sentimental article so I will not post pictures in this post (lazy to upload pictures too)
It has been 5 months since my wife gave birth to a guy (who read some previous articles will know the life of this guy), my family is very happy because she gave birth to a dth kid and is quite intelligent. No one in the family knows that the baby is actually the product of another man and this is also good. As for her wife, despite being pregnant with another child, she is very happy to have such a child.
Gradually, she regained her figure, the one-girl beauty made her hotter. Previously, the first round was only orange, after birth it was tight and big like a grapefruit, the head was pink and pink (no problem, guys). Waist is also slender and swollen nà back, the buttocks expand (from 92 to 97). In general, my wife was beautiful before this.
After giving birth, her instincts for her children rose again, making it impossible for her to continue responding, three times a day and every two days as she did. I immediately came up with the idea that thanks to the need of all 18+ websites to help my wife satisfy. Originally it was v but gradually later my wife became a child gai goi meant. The first players who played their wives quickly shared her info. My wife started receiving many strange phone calls and gradually became a child gai goi da nang for checking. If you have to come to my house to play her, now just call her and make an appointment to check the location. My wife also confided that a lot of checkers advised her to become a cousin who could check more often and she also liked the idea.

Currently my wife is planning to become a store so she can check her easily and more often. Of course my wife will be different gái gọi a little bit she will not take money from ae (say aloud is free for ae check). Ae ntn's comments, let's go. I and my wife share 1 tk so she can look at her opinion.
My wife is 94, still young and is very keen to be a call girl to use.
dịch vụ gai goi phục vụ tại các tp lớn - gai goi sai gon thủ đô của VN là - gai goi ha noi
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