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Attn: New York Snowmobilers

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Attn: New York Snowmobilers

Postby sx-r mark » June 9th, 2002, 10:54 am

The biggest problem with a statewide permit system is the fact that the landowner becomes liable if a club or other entity charges to use the trail system that runs through their property. The way our states "hold harmless" law is written is that a landowner is " held harmless" in the case of an accident happening on his property unless he purposely created the situation causing the accident to happen or charged a fee or was otherwise compensated for allowing the use of his property. The club or other entity is considered a "lessee" of the property as soon as the permission is granted if a fee is charged for that use. The landowner then becomes liable because he "leased" the property for that use. What needs to be changed is that law to read like the other states and provinces with existing permit sytems. In our great state of New York the downstate trial lawyers will lobby against this vehemently. Look at what they have tried to do after the 911 incident. The NYSSA is working on this as we speak. The lack of a permit system is holding back Tug Hill from becoming a truly world class trail system. I would be hard pressed to find an area with this much snowfall with the population size within a 6 hour drive. Sorry I typed so much, just hoping to fill you in with some info.

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Attn: New York Snowmobilers

Postby mcali17 » June 9th, 2002, 12:14 pm

Its the same old thing. Lawyers ruining everything. Why don't we just lobby to close all the lawschools in the country? I agee with sx-r mark. My family has been riding Old Forge and Tug Hill for about 30 years now and it is the best for the distance from home (about 5 hours), restaurants, accomadations, prices and the people of Old Forge. There have been some along the way that have really made going there a pleasure above and beyond the great sledding.
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