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Track lug studs

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Track lug studs

Postby MX-ZAHOLIC » September 12th, 2002, 6:34 pm

Has anyone used these, and if so, how reliable are they? Me and a buddy are both wondering. These are the threaded (screw in) type that go right into the lugs.
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Track lug studs

Postby IndyRed » September 13th, 2002, 12:54 am

Check out Trail Grabbers, They have a web page This site has me convinced that they are worth trying. Cheaper, easily replaced.
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Track lug studs

Postby tc800 » September 13th, 2002, 4:05 am

friend of mine had them last year on 02 xc 700 didnt have much traction had to put push throughs back in.also lots fell out but not much snow to ride on could have been the problem
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Track lug studs

Postby DaYoopers » September 13th, 2002, 10:03 am

Did your friend have Trail Grabbers or Tracl Lug studs in his track?
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Track lug studs

Postby hilldweller » September 15th, 2002, 1:01 am

There's a good article on these in the new Snow Tech. Bottom line, according to the article, is that they're more for sled stability (on ice and hardpack) that all out traction. Also, they say be wary of them on high horsepower sleds. I have a zr800 I want to stud this year, and I'm probably going to end up with a combination of conventional studs and tls's.
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Track lug studs

Postby jak53 » September 15th, 2002, 6:12 am

I used bergstroms track lugs the last 2 seasons and have had good results. Their not gonna hook up like push throughs but for trail riding they work great. I lost only 8-10 in 2 seasons. Had 240 installed.
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