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First ride of the year

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First ride of the year

Postby mnsnowboy » November 28th, 2002, 5:53 am

Well, along the Canadian border of Minnesota where I live, there isn't enough snow to really ride, but just enough to terrorize the field and along side the highway where the plow throws out that nice swath. I just had to get out and hear the old triple do a little screaming alongside some unsuspecting motorists! LOL! Let me know how everyone's riding is, if any!


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First ride of the year

Postby indy500 » November 28th, 2002, 7:58 am

got 15 cm here last night, enoufgh to tear up the grass in the fields lol and fly up the streets
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First ride of the year

Postby R_TICAT » November 28th, 2002, 9:50 pm

Got 6" here on Wednesday. Took the sleds out Turkey Day morning for a buzz around the fields. I'll do it again today before it all melts.
Can't wait for some REAL snow!!

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First ride of the year

Postby zr500 » November 28th, 2002, 10:21 pm

We had about 8" the other day, didn't get a chance then, but will zip around lawn today after work. Calling for 6-12" Sat. into Sunday, already better than all of last year.
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First ride of the year

Postby Black MXZ » November 29th, 2002, 11:23 pm

Got 6-7 inches here wednesday night, enough to take a little ride in nearby park. Got another 2 inches last night. Its not great but, but its better than nothing.
Black MXZ
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