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rx-1 break in

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rx-1 break in

Postby brianinpa18330 » December 6th, 2002, 1:02 am

Does any have an rx-1 with a cpl hundred miles on it? I was told they have a chip and at 200 miles it burns out and is alot different. Is this true?
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rx-1 break in

Postby Turkster » December 6th, 2002, 5:07 am

There is no chip. They are built to real close tolerances & need at least 500 miles before they loosen up & make real good power.
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rx-1 break in

Postby xcsp » December 6th, 2002, 12:55 pm

Has anyone ran their RX1 on snow yet-how about some feedback on your first impressions?
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rx-1 break in

Postby snowraser » December 6th, 2002, 12:59 pm

Lots of RX1 information on

4 strokes r better than 2
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rx-1 break in

Postby ski doo man » December 10th, 2002, 1:37 pm

rx-1 ton
ski doo man
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rx-1 break in

Postby noelg » December 10th, 2002, 2:15 pm

It pulls hard and smooth but my track is racheting.
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rx-1 break in

Postby Vineyard » December 10th, 2002, 11:42 pm

Had it out for the first time last weekend. One word, Awesome! Pulls very hard, hit 112 on the speedo very quick, but ran out of room. Track does ratchet, but they say should stop after track stretches, and keep checking tension, as will probably have to tighten. You'll see a lot of bashes about this sled, all from people who haven't had the pleasure to ride one. Fantastic sled. Does a seatbelt count as a mod? :)
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rx-1 break in

Postby Supernova » December 10th, 2002, 11:49 pm

there's no chip!
If you bought it for ditch banging....well good luck!
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rx-1 break in

Postby Vetteman » December 23rd, 2002, 9:53 am

The best way to break this thing in is counter to what you might think. Warm it up at idle for about 8 to 10 minutes. Drive it slowly until it is fully warm( about 10 minutes). This should be done everytime you start it cold anyway. For the first 100 kms do not be easy on it as you want the rings to seat. Run it hard from 6000 to 9000 Rpm at about three quarter throttle. Avoid long periods of continous high rpm operation or running at constant throttle or low load conditions. Stop every ten minutes or so and let the engine idle for about two minutes before shutting it down to avoid heat buildup. You want to create alot of pressure on the piston rings to get them to seat but avoid heat buildup in the engine. This motor will not develop its full power potential until it has several thousand kms on it. Make sure you change the oil and filter after 800kms maximum. Hope this helps.
Greg greenham
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