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Snapping turtles

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Snapping turtles

Postby CLAYDOG » June 28th, 2005, 6:12 am

[quote=Spuds]I eat them snappers[/quote]

Your hangin' around mike to much there Spuds.;)
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Snapping turtles

Postby Smack » June 28th, 2005, 6:13 am

GT weren't you looking for a Snapper for your yard??
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Snapping turtles

Postby Drift_Hopper » June 28th, 2005, 6:47 am

Ya.....I know Ed.....but i'd a rather shot the thing, if i seen it in the woods, then have it get run over by some women in an SUV talking on the phone and not watching the road.
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Snapping turtles

Postby snirt » June 28th, 2005, 6:48 am

[quote=ArcticEd].... They are one of nature's most malicious and ignorant critters.[/quote]

so is rubsie, but we'd at least drag him to the side of the road.
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Snapping turtles

Postby Appleknocker » June 28th, 2005, 8:15 am

I like eating snapper myself! Never had Turtle though
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Snapping turtles

Postby Uller God » June 28th, 2005, 8:22 am

You have to be gentle with the snapper, start slow and work up from there.
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Snapping turtles

Postby GThunda » June 28th, 2005, 8:31 am

LOL Smack.
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Snapping turtles

Postby snofisher » June 28th, 2005, 1:48 pm

gt likes the ladies in turtle dresses cuz every time they bend over he can see their snapper!! :b
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