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citation ss 379 twin// no start 1981

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citation ss 379 twin// no start 1981

Postby tundra tim » August 3rd, 2005, 9:25 am

this is a complete sled owned by some pld guy who moved to florida he said ran well ,i bought and brung it home started right up first pull then i put it away in a shed raised up the back end ,and it started and ran fine about two weeks ago single pull every time ,now today i go out to move it across the yard its in the way of my wood splitter ,no START ,pulled my /// off ,flooded the plugs ,yet they fire out of the head ,so im thinking i gots ta drain a half a tank of gas out what a waste but is that the problem how do you fellas get them going every year ,should i look at the pump looking thing with gas lines running out a couple different way i checked the filter seems ok could blow thru easy with mouth ,its got two carbs and the guy just replaced the throttle cable COULD that be out of adjustment some how ,what should i look for ,i never had a sled that looked this good .or be that dependable ,allways had to fight for the fun, lost intrest in it ,but now i need one to get around in the winter ,and this year may be supprizeing ta say the least ,any tips or sites i can find would be real help full ,
tundra tim
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citation ss 379 twin// no start 1981

Postby Wheeler550 » August 3rd, 2005, 2:33 pm

It will flood out more easily in the hotter weather. Let it sit and "dry out", change the plugs and it should be fine....when you pull it and it runs, let it run for a bit and get upto operating temps and flush the system (keeps the varnish from building up).
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